My PHYSH Stick arcade stick is complete!


So I’m just like alot of the peeps that got fed up waiting for the Madcatz TE stick, and finally decided to take matters into their own hands!

I remember when they were first announced, I was like no way I’m gonna pay $200 for a joystick. Then I read up on it, and once I got Street Fighter 4, I was like goddamn I need a joystick to play:annoy: I learned all I could about arcade parts, Sanwa parts and finally caved in to get a preorder. Then finding out how long it was taking, I then looked locally to try and grab a Hori Real Arcade Pro, but those were sold out everywhere.

I haven’t touched Street Fighter for a very long time, since I could not stand to play without a joystick.

So I made some sticks for me and my buddies:

I don’t like seeing screws on the face of the joystick.

I didn’t cut the artwork properly :sweat:

Didn’t get the plexiglass in time to install it :looney:

Some old school wood grain luxury car look lol.

Now that my hard work complete, I can whoop some azz online :arazz:


first thing that popped into my head too :looney:


No, these are my own made joystick boxes. My blood and sweat went into making them lol!


very seducing artwork


those are beautiful =] i wish i had the time and money to make one


i like that carbon fibre vinyl…looks really cool…thining about doing that myself


do you have a work log or tutorial you can post D: Looks nice. I’d make one of this if i can’t get my hands on a TE. tutorial onegaishimasu~


Yes i would love to know how myself. I was in the same boat as you, but i stumbled across an SE stick at gamecrazy. Still, i may just make my own and have the SE in case a friend wants to join in.


Definitely “Finkle-esque”, which is definitely not a bad thing. Love the carbon fiber one. Great work.


Nice work. Very finkle-like indeed. Keep it up =)


I was wondering when I’d see a stick using that Satoshi Urushihara Chun Li art. Good stuff very clean sticks .


Love the carbon fibre look on the first stick. For some reason the size of the squares remind me of my old Sonic 2 Mega Drive case.


To tell you the truth, I actually modelled the stick after my coffee table, its pretty similar in design.

A few more buddies of mine want now want me to make them cases as well :bluu:
More work for me.


The construction and design look fantastic - Well Done!

I know you already mentioned the art isn’t trimmed perfectly, so I won’t mention that :wink:

That industrial green colour doesn’t do it for me, I think a more eye catching colour would make your excellent construction stand out even more - Keep up the great work!


Its not industrial green lol. Its gunmetal grey, I guess its the lighting and the whitebalance setting of the photo that kinda messes it up.


very nice, like the carbon fiber


PHYSH can u hook me up with one of u cases i live in toronto too.


such a way with words :stuck_out_tongue:

u did a good job PHYSH

take pix of your next project and throw em up as a builders log :tup:


where did u get that sick ass chun li pic?


I’ll be working on a few more for my buddies this weekend, so sure I could make an extra one for you.

My wife is killing me, haven’t had time to spend with her for the past few weekends :xeye: