My place open for Games and kicken It.!

Yo! so I have moved in with my g/f and she wants me to be as comfortable as possible. So she told me to start bringing over friends. Mainly In a effort to get know my people’s better. So here is what i got, I got 2 T.V.'s and 2 Sticks " 1 mas and 1 Tekken hori "

Here is the list of games i have:

Capcom vs SNK 2
Alpha Anthology
GUilty Gear AC " dont ask "
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
Dead or Alive 2
Mortal Kombat Armageddon " dont ask "
Tekken Tag Tournament
Tekken 5
Soul Calibur 2 " cause 3 was crap "
Virtua Fighter 4 Evo
King of Fighters 2003 " Gift "
King of Fighters XI " Gift again "
Neo Geo Battle Collisum

I have a dreamcast but i would have to find the cords for it again. I live in N.W. Portland of Barnes Road.

12634 n.w. barnes rd. being the exact address! Get at me! hit me up to come down.:woot:

Fuck if I could go down there i would.

I smell a road trip.

oh shit, something might have to be figured out.

How big is the spot. Comfortable for 6+ people?

can i bring some niggahs with me :smiley:

SamY: Yes 6+ people can play, 1 couch, 2 recliners, and some diner tables for people to sit. gonna go out and get a desk for my 2nd t.v. to stand on. If needed, i have a 3rd t.v. but i doubht it will be needed. so yeah we should be good. Beware, she has 2 small dogs but they will be put away.

Lawrence: LEAVE YOUR COUSIN AT HOME… the other nigga’s can role through.

My place is set and ready for games anytime after 8 today. give me a call if you gonna/want to come through.

Friday would be a good day to come through, anytime after 5. neither one of us are doing anything…

Fuck I’m hungover right now but I think its time for Hardbody-R-US to come thru

my girl has bought beer and wants to buy pizza or wtfever depending on how many people come over…

Free Beer
Free Pizza
Video Games

What more do ya’ll want?

Jetay, you and your girlfriend should move to Seattle. Anytime a Jetay gig was going down, best believe, I would be there quick style.

I like this idea.

Ya’ll wanna make a trip down there?

Nigga if you need a ride you already kno The Nation can swoop you up!

thats deep out in the woods meng.
could you move a little closer brobro?
i’m down to pull through, let me know
wzp, with the days and time…
also if anyone could provide a ride i’ll
help on gas 4sho.

If u guys are getting some casuals on 3s or St and have ppls over hit me up

503 476 2964

If i knew who the hell you were, id care for this statement.

jetay keeps it real.

i think it works at tilt.

i’m not sure.