My PlaySation 3 YLOD'd

I should’ve noticed the signs… the fan running loud on occasion, the whole system freezing when I’m playing inFAMOUS. Now, my PS3 (that I got with 2 controllers for $80…is da gud deal) has YLOD’d. I don’t have a warranty [I highly doubt it, since I bought it off my neighbor] so if I send it off to Sony, it’ll cost a whopping $150… plus tax and my HDD being formatted. I feel very uncomfortable fixing it myself, since I wouldn’t know what to do, even after watching the How To video. My only option is to look around and see if there’s anyone locally that can fix it.

Why the hell would they put in chips that will be bound to melt anyway!?

  1. There’s already a PS3 thread for you to cry on.
  2. Give Gophermods a call…great services and reasonable prices.

It was a 60gb, wasn’t it?

It probably saved them money. That and speed are all that really matters to them when the companies are trying to get a new console out =/

^ Well, the leaded sodder they used to make consoles with is illegal to use by manufacturers now, apparently.

Plus, wouldn’t using a part that wouldn’t FAIL save them money in the long run; customers would keep buying their products in the long run

That’s true, Sony has had such a hell of a time selling PS3s and Microsoft their xbox360s.

Consoles will keep selling no matter how high the failure rate is. I know people who bought 4 xbox’s just because it kept crapping out on him. Would’ve thought they would stop buying it after the second, but w/e.

I bought a PS3 from my neighbor after my Xbox bricked twice. Less than a year later, it bricked too.

Fuck it, I needed a break from it anyway.

try this method, my bro’s ps3 stopped working as well, but ever since he tried this it has been working for about the past 3 months. It’s relatively quick and you dont have to worry about opening it up and soldering stuff, or getting ripped off by sony.

Ya’ll need to quit buying second-hand shit and chinese knock-offs (“PlaySation”?) that probably wasn’t treated right by the previous owner.

Lol PlaySation