"My power moves worlds" Oni strategy, shenanigans and technology thread



EQ2k’s labtest Secrets unveiled

Table of Contents

*1- Frequent used SF/Oni Terminology *

2- Safe Jumps and Option Select

*3- *Frame Traps and Block Strings

*4- **Punishments and Combos *

5- Demon Setups and Kara Demons

6- Shenanigans and Setups

1 - Terminology

AA - a short for Anti Air attacks
FA = Focus Attack
FADC, stands for Focus Attack Dash Cancel
TC = Target Combo
FB = Fireball or Hadouken (Gohadouken)
SRK and DP - is an abbreviation for Shoryuken or (Dragon Punch)
Tatsu - a short for Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, also known as (Hurricane Kick)
LK = Light Kick / Short
MK = Medium Kick / Forward
HK = Heavy Kick / Roundhouse
LP = Light Punch / Jab
MP = Medium Punch / Strong
HP = Heavy Punch / Fierce
Xup = Crossup / hitting your opponent in the back of the head while jumping over them.
GP / Ground pound - stands for Demon Palm (Sekisei Jiraiken) "is’nt a palm, clearly is a karate chop"
Airdash - short for Air Hadou Dash (Zanku Hadosho)
EFB / Electric Fireball - Oni’s version of 3hit fireball equivalent to Akuma and Evil Ryu red fireball
Slash - short for Demon Slash (Rakan Dantojin)
Poke- stands for a quick safe normal attack that are use for pressuring and difficult to counter.
st.-will be followed by LP,MP,HP,LK,MK,or HK,indicates moves done while standing.
cr.-will be followed by LP,MP,HP,LK,MK,or HK,indicates moves done while crouching.
f,-will be followed by LP,MP,HP,LK,MK,or HK,indicates moves done holding the forward. direction (unique moves)
b,- same as the above but holding backwards instead
U1- = Ultra 1 and U2 = Ultra 2
nj.-stands for neutral jump
fj.stands for forward jump
Oki - short for Okizeme “wake up tactics”
**Shoto **- Practitioner of Ansatsuken , like Akuma , Ken , Ryu and Gouken
Kara - “means empty in japanese” allows you to cancel a start-up from any normals or unique attacks into specials or throws
Overhead - Overhead Chop (Zugai Hasatsu) or an attack that must be blocked standing.

OS - stands for Option Selects , an attack that takes over under certain circumstances and cover the “what if my opponent do this”. In another words it is a hidden buffered attack inside the usual combo strings that will only execute depending on opponent’s option or decision

Tripguard - upon doing jump normals players are subjected to a -4frame on landing and cannot block nor execute a move before the 5th frame however they would still be able to tech throws. If the player did not press anything before landing he or she has the ability to block attacks or do any specials attacks after landing from a jump however they can only move or jump on the 5th frame after they land.

**2 - Safe Jumps and Option Select **

There are few ways to setup for a Safe jump attack against 4-5frame reversal characters like Fei , Yang , Yun , Chun , Dan , Adon , Guile , Juri , Viper , Blanka , Honda , Deejay , Balrog , Sagat , Cammy etc. Attacks can be option selected into cr HK , st HK and TC2 or even DPs and Tatsu’s alike. I will cover more on this later.

a) 4 frame safejump from a Sweep or cr HK scoring an untechable knockdown. The timing for this is fairly easy just need to hold your controller forward or backwards after the sweep and do a forward jump as soon as you visually see a standing or moving forward/backward motion, either of Oni’s jump MK or HK will work fine, however you must be sure that your opponent are in range for a forward jump attack and not accidentaly crosses over them. Safe Jumps Crossups can be done when they are at the corner, while mid screen varies on character specific due to Hitbox differences.

b) 4 frame safejump from a LK Ground Pound scoring an untechable knockdown. For me I will do a st LP attack and then holding the controller upwards"nj" for this setup’s timing, while pressing MK on its way down. Nj MP can also be used since it has better active frames, however on certain characters like Sakura , Cammy etc it is better to be safe then sorry imo, since MP hitbox extends less farther. There are alternate ways on doing this like for example taking a tiny step forward and immidiately Neutral jump are as effective as well or whichever you may feel more comfortable with.

c) 4 frame safejump from EX slash to LK Ground Pound scoring an untechable knockdown. This setup is super easy, after you land this immediately do a Backdash followed by a fj HK. Note, that this setup is newly discovered by my many hours of labtest and I havent seen any Japanese players done this either, not even Youhei , Wao or Shinochan, in time it may be but just not now and I am proud of this until then I’ll remove this note LOL.

d) 4 frame safejump after a Crossup MK or FJ HK “done deep to push them farther” >> cr LP >> cr HP >> MK Ground Pound. A Combo that leads into a safejump new to many probably used only by Shinochan. This setup is a bit tricky but once you get the timing down it will be second nature to you, after the knockdown hold your controller back and make a half step or so then do a fj HK to execute the safejump attack.

**e) **Step Kick Option Select Ultra , after Ground Pound untechable knockdown, do a F + MK “step kick” attack before the opponent wakes up and execute your Ultra inside the block stun of your *Step Kick. *Of course first you have to make sure the timing is right for them to block on wake up and if your opponent backdashes on wake up, your Ultra will execute and if the attack is blocked you can continue your block strings.

f) *Standard Okizeme Option Select, *during wake up game do a cr +:lp: ,“link timings” :d::db::b: + :lk:+:hk:. If the opponent backdashes on wake up :hk:Tatsumaki will catch them while a block will result in a st :lk: instead. You can also apply this OS after your opponent blocks a forward dash FA level 2. To get into more advance setup for this OS is by increasing the inputs at a go by doing :d::db::b: :lk:+:hk: :db::d::df::f: +:lk: or :d::db::b: :lk:+:hk::f::d::df:+:hk: “Frame trap” after the cr +:lp: .

Oni Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here!
Oni Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here!

3 - Frame Traps and Block Strings

There are times when you feel that your opponent has a strong defense and teching your tick throws like a pro and you would want to invest on some so called safe risk kind of attacks. Oni’s frame traps are there for you to test your opponents habits. There are tight and lose strings that will help you determine what kind of opponent you are fighting against and give you are brief idea on what’s your opponents counter attacks timings and patterns are.

**a) **Like many shoto’s Oni’s crouching mp gives a +3 on block, any 5 frame attack followed would leave a -2 gap for your opponent to mash some normals out and creating a counter hit setup combo for you. My favorite Frame trap is the cr + :mp: >>Link>> cr + :hp: >>> :hcb: + :lp:+:mp: “Ex Electric fireball” if your opponent blocks this you will still have +12 frame advantage on block and leaves you room to do whatever you want. If you succeeded in getting a counter hit off the trap from your cr + :hp: then :hcb: + :lp:+:mp: will connect and opens up some unique air juggling combos like Ultra2 and Mk GP near the corner or a simple Mk Tatsumaki mid screen depending on whether you have any Ultra2 to spend in the first place. This frame trap is best coupled with Kara Throw like for eg " :f: + :hp: ~ :lp:+:lk: after the cr + :mp:, if your opponent doesn’t fall for the frame trap that is.

**b) **As mentioned on the Combo section the AFA combo can actually be used as a frame trap itself. If you want a tighter frame trap or Instead of going for the long startup attacks after the back + MP , you can swap your second follow up attack with a 4 frame attack like cr + :lk:. After your opponent blocks your back + MP Immediately go for cr + :lk: >> :qcf:+:hp: >>“FADC optional” after hit confirming. This will catch even the elite players, simply because there is no gap for the setup if you’re accurate on the block string and thus if your opponent’s trying to mash a DP out after blocking the back + MP they will get punished for doing so. Cr + :mk: can also be used in place of the cr + :lk: but with a price of 1frame reversal window for your opponent meaning they might be able to mash some invincible move out. Setups that are similar and superior to this is Cody’s “Forward + MP >> cr + :lk: >> Criminal Upper”.




4 - Punishments and Combos

a) Punishing whiffed or Block Anti Air attacks eg ( DPs , Flamekicks ,Flash kicks and etc ). If you noticed, Capcom puts a juggling property (persuit property 2) on Oni’s LK Tatsumaki and LK Demon Slash. Now many people aren’t aware of its property or just doesn’t understand when is the best time to use it?, well then worry no more.
Oni’s LK Tatsumaki is the best get along tool with his Ultra 2 simply because it hits the opponent with Full Animation for catching them in the air before they land. So the question is why not just Ultra2 them then? , because lk Tatsu moves forward saving you the trouble on doing a frontal dash and also does slightly more damage rather than just stand alone Ultra 2.

If you ever block or catch a whiff Hp DP , Tigger Uppercut or whiffed Ultras “C.Viper’s U1, Blanka’s U1” you can punish them with LK Tatsu before they land and connect it with U2. It is also possible to connect mp Srk >> fadc >> mk GP after you land your LK Tatsu. This also catches whiffed HK Tatsu, like for example’ your opponent anticipates a fireball from you but made a wrong guess and the Tatsu came spinning above your head whiffing, most players punish this with cr HP or just simply Jab them on landing, while Oni can really make them pay for making a wrong read. Another punish is vs Blanka’s Backstep Ball, if you ever block one of those just LK Tatsu them once you are out of your block stun and land your Ultra2. There may be many choices for punishments but none as stylish as this one goes.

**b) ***Active Frame Advantage Combo, *By doing back + MP on hit , Oni gets a +6 on frame advantage but what many aren’t aware off is that this move has an incredibly long active frame *“6frame to be exact” *in other words this move has incredibly long hit stun. Now what I have come up with is abusing remaining active frame to link it to certain unlinkable moves like "st :hp: 7f and cr :hk: 9f " because you’ve gain +4~+5 frame for hitting the opponent with your late active frames. To do this AFA combo you need yo score a knockdown first, best is from Ground Pound, Back Throw or Sweep and then time your :b:+ :mp: as your opponent recovers from the knockdown hitting them with the last 2 active frames. If you connect it with a cr :hk: after, you’ll get a free safejump setup , if you link it to a st :hp: you’ll get 10 dmg extra as compared to the usual cr :mp: >> cr :hp: link combo. Lastly a combo above all the rest will be *Ultra2, *Yes, it is possible and if you do it correctly it will register as 3hits.


**d) **2 bar + Ultra 2 combos .3Hit Mp fadc U2 ( cr mp >>> b+ mp >>> st mp >>> lp fireball >>> fadc >>> U2 )
This works on the following characters below:

Honda , Ryu , Ken , Ibuki , Gouken * , Seth , Makoto , Gen , Akuma , Oni.

  • Works after a cross-up mk as well

Cross-up fadc U2 ( Jump mk cross-up >>> cr mp >>> cr mk (cr hp) >>> fireball >>> fadc >>> U2 )
This works on the following characters below while standing:

Honda* , Ryu , Ken , Akuma , Ibuki , Makoto* , Dudley , Gen , Dan , Yun , Yang , Seth**

  • Your opponent must be standing to connect the combo. cr hp forces can be used to force stand if needed.
    ** replace cr mk with cr hp this guy has a big hitbox.

Taken from my post at the combo thread
(will update this when I have the time)


5 - Demon Setups and Kara Demons

In this section I am going to talk about setups and tricks to condition your opponents into blocking for a Raging Demon Super Combo. Connecting Raging Demons are mostly all about mindgames but it becomes a precaution for them once they start eating all your setups for the first time and may not be as easy the next time but it is safe to say you’ve already won half the war every time your demon connects.

**a) **From a Back Throw, take a half step back fj jump press lp+lkx3 fast for the crossup, if you do that LK will take priority and the moment you land F+ LK + HP. Timing is a bit tricky but isn’t hard to put it to muscle memory , if you do it too fast they are able to jump out of it and if you are too slow it becomes a tick throw you do not lose anything. Something you might wanna do first before you train them into block which is crossing up with the LK and doing a MK GP immediately, this is a frame trap towards opponents that like to OS throw or meaty throw spam.

**b) **Kara Demon, One of my favorite Kara Demon is from a cr MPx2 buffering lpx2 inside the block stun ends with a F+ LK+HK~HP “I piano the last input”. This is a range Kara Demon cancelling the F+HK first 3-4 startup frames since you still get +3frame for cr MP on block making it 0-1frame gap which is perfect for the setup.

**c) **Air Raging Demon, Uniquely one of Oni’s best Anti Air attack even more so in 2012AE. Like his ground demon Super Combo, Oni can pre-buffer his demon command inputs on ground before leaving it, the commands are " :lp:x2 jump, :ub: or :u: or :uf: , :lk: + :hp: “delayed” to ensure you leave the ground. Unlike his ground Raging Demon , Oni’s Air Raging Demon has 6frames of Invincibility during start-up which gives him priority against many incoming aerial attacks.

*Air Raging Demon *is also good against characters that likes to abuse their backdash eg " Chun Li and Rose. The trick is to knockdown, safejump :hk: on their wake up while you mask your Raging Demon command inside your jump :hk:, if the opponent tries a FA into backdash you will catch them and even if they do a regular wake up backdash you will catch them regardless, but it will become a ground demon instead. The risk of missing the Air Demon would be them blocking or does a EX Spining Bird Kick on wake up blindly ignoring the fact that you are doing a safejump attack on them.
The most common way to bait out your opponents into doing AA like SRK is to jump in late after the opponent throws a fireball making them think you miss timed your jump.

**d) ***Anti fireball Kara Demon, *this is performed when you do the F + HP that neutralizes opponent fireball and cancelling it into Oni’s Super Combo as soon as it hits the incoming projectile and grabs the opponent in range before they recover. Vid Link below displays the setup at 0:20".[media=youtube]AQfQzOml9ls[/media]
Credits to Trife88 on this great Kara setup.


6 - Shenanigans and Setups

a) Anti reversal Crossup attack, after a forward throw near the corner, do a LK Slash followed by a forward jump MK for a Xup. This setup will force your opponent to block your Xup attack and giving you more room on pressuring your opponent, however if your opponent tries to DP you instead, in hopes of getting an autocorrect during wake up, only to realize it will end up whiffing every time because it will not autocorrect no matter how much they delays it, but then again you will still get the reversal word on screen anyway :D.

**b) **Ambiguous Airdash to Tatsu setup, After a forward throw in the corner do a st lp “jab” immediately followed by a backdash and forward jump into MP Airdash to LK Tatsu for frontal hit or HK Tatsu for crossover. Note that this attack must hit the opponent deep , like waist level to be ambiguous and setting it up for a 50/50 situation be it after a hit or block MP Airdash however they may not be able to block the later LK or HK Tatsu followups. The timing for both Tatsu varies, doing the HK crossup Tatsu requires you to execute it above opponents chest level while doing the non crossup LK Tatsu requires you to execute as late as possible.
Now many would think, “hey’ what if they DP me for trying these gimmicks?”, If you predict an incoming reversal like for eg Fei’s flame kick, just press nothing and block because this is a 4-5frame empty jump itself or you can land and do your own invincible move of your choice.

Also, if you delay the jump by a micro sec after the backdash against certain AA like Tiger Uppercut, you will force a whiff on him since it moves Sagat towards and you can punish accordingly afterwards. You can also take a tiny step towards after your backdash to change your setup into the Anti reversal Crossup attack mentioned above. After you land the crossup or a non crossup Tatsu, the following combo is strictly up to you whether it’s b+MP , f+HK , MK tatsu or Ultra2 etc, for me I’ll just Ultra2 them because most first timers will eat the crossup Tatsu after getting hit by the front MP airdash. This is very similar to C.Vipers forward jump HK >> Burning Kick crossup mixups. Lastly this mp Airdash move itself can be a crossup attack with certain spacing and timing but I see no reason to put yourself in the corner even if you land a Xup hit on them because after that they would be able to tell the next attack, which is coming from behind since you’re already there;)

**c) **Fake Crossup Attack, this is nothing new but in case some might like to know. Like any other Shoto after you send your opponent to the corner and with a certain timing, jumping in with a LK attack will not be a crossup but definitely looks like one.

Here’s how to do it with Oni,

  • Again if you manage to get a forward throw near the corner immediately do a LK Slash delay your jump by 1-2frames to be exact and jump in pressing LK right after the apex of your jump, this attack will be a frontal attack but looks like a crossup. This is an alternate setup to* Anti reversal Crossup* attack mentioned above.

  • Another way of doing this are from ending combos HK Tatsu carrying them to the corner, taking half a step and immediately jump in LK to start the setup.

  • Back throw to forward jump, Immediately after your throw recovery and press LK as you descend to start the setup.

After landing a hit you can follow it up with a LP or Jab combo of choice. Normally this is where you want to land your EX tatsu into Ultras, what I will do is jump in LK >> cr LP >> cr HP >> EX Tatsu >> EX Fireball or “Ultra 1 or MK Tatsu” >> Ultra 2.

**d) **Crossup Air Tatsu, Whenever you manage to land a crossup HK slash you can take a tiny little step towards and do a forward jump HK Tatsu as you descend crossing up your opponent on wake up. If they ever try to AA DP on wake up they will most likely whiff. Another scenario would be from a mid screen forward throw followed by MK Slash and forward jump as soon as possible for the crossup Air Tatsu. For this setup I mostly use MK Tatsu Xup and into Ultra2.

**e) **Instant Crossup Air Tatsu, back throw setup into Instant HK Air Tatsu. This move requires quite some practice to pull off but it will be rewarding once you get the hang of it. After back throw you will end up on player2 side :qcf::uf::df: + :lp: >> :qcf: + :hk:. Note that the command for the crossup Air Tatsu must be done before you crossup your opponent during the airdash, doing it too slow might mess up your commands and timings. There are many ways in doing Instant Airdashes, some of them are :qcf::uf: N + :lp: or :qcf::uf::u: + :lp: or whichever way you may feel comfortable. Edit: Link to the video added click here. Credits to omegablackmage for the vid and Vongo1a for link.

**f) ***Preemtive Crossups, *The trick here is to mess up your opponent charge-ups eg “Dictator , Claw , Boxer and etc”. When fighting charge characters and after you manage to land a GP (*Demon Palm) *on them immediately follow up with a LK Tatsu crossing over them to mess up their charge nullifying one of their charge option eg *" EX Psycho Crusher and EX Dash Upper " *meanwhile forcing them to choose other escape options. Credits goes to " edx " for reminding me;).




Are we allowed to add stuff? D:


Nice thread EQ. I definitely learned a few things.


why not ? , I mean the purpose is to have more people playing and understanding Oni :smiley:


Good start on this thread. Hopefully I’ll be able to add something useful soon.


Shenanigan corner setup:

Late MP.airdash (neutral or angled, hit or blocked), HK.tatsu cancel, b+MP, HP.shakunetsu [on hit] ->Ultra1 or 2 (U1 will hit depending on size/fall mechanics), U2 works on most of the cast

A few brief wake-up setups:

[on hit]HK.slash, LK.tatsu whiff (puts you back on top of them if they tech rise)

[on hit]HK.slash, dash towards, jump, MK.tatsu during descent, then b+MP/shoryu, etc. ( I find MK.tatsu easier to time for that one)

after forward throw: HK.tatsu whiff, jump, crossup HK.tatsu as you fall, the spacing after the whiff is akin to Akuma’s exploding heart technique (throw, dashx2, dflip/etc.)


Good work, EQ :slight_smile:


I have something like this but it with a more tactical setup but overall good Idea to end with shakunetsu to Ultra on the reset. I will explain mine above.

Nice positioning ender. The reason why you feel Mk air tatsu “60dmg” easier to time is because of its faster recovery upon landing and not sending the opponent flying too far after a hit , that is the reason why it deals less than LK “70dmg " and HK"80dmg” Tatsu.

I have something similar, I think after a forward throw: mk slash whiff , jump crossup MK tatsu as you fall would be better since you recover much faster to do the air tatsu crossup. I’ve tested the difference, lets say If you do the hk tatsu against character with “akuma like” cr hp it will beat your tatsu or air normal because they have already woken up during your jump apex" however if you use mk slash instead and jump in with a hk they might not be able to cr hp in time since they just recovered, it might trade at best. This might only apply to characters with those kind of AA cr hp other characters you might be able to use Hk tatsu.


Yeah, I haven’t tested the last one too much cause there are some times, with Oni’s wonky tatsus, that it may just go awry and end up displacing him from his opponent.
Another one that’s obvious that hasn’t been mentioned is doing LK.tatsus after groundpounds against chargers or for some efficient meter building.


Stay tuned more to come:D

Yea, the one Shinochan demonstrated against Hanada Dictator recently.


Is there any 3 frame safe jump for Oni ? If there is no, how can we deal with the Shoto who has 3f SRK ?

From yesterday my Oni was slightly better than older days (Still noob but at least not spamming sweep and watch the opponent anymore) . Nice work, thank you EQ2000


Some combos lead into those setups. Best way to deal with 3f SRKs are to simply not jump in. Just don’t do it.


Yep, like what Mr.McCoy said, is better not to jump , but if you do wanna try your luck, you can go for a 4frame safe jump and press nothing that I called it an Empty Jump. However it may or may not trick them into doing SRK regardless what is their answer to your jump while activating tripguard will save you from getting hit, just be ready to crouch tech as you land.


So after I knock them down, what should I do next if I don’t jump :frowning:

  • You can try crossing them, not many players dare to go for autocorrect DP because of the fear in whiffing a miss timed DP.

  • Another way is to cross them using Air tatsu, is jumping in from afar making it seems like you aren’t going for a crossup and changing it into a crossup AIr Tatsu.

  • Empty Jump means you jump and press nothing and you can do it sooner as compared to safejump to trick them into doing srk or wake up throw. The timing isn’t hard imo just do it 1-2frames faster than you usually do safejumps, land and punish with cr LK >> cr LP >> TC2 combo of your choice. :wink:

Edit: always do the cr LK with the basic option select. which is cr LK + cr LP simultaneously so that you might tech throw if needed