My pride broke it. My rage broke it

my gouken faces e. honda in championship mode.
we have each earned a round and the third is for all the marbles.
my wife begins talking to me about money. rage at level 1
honda leaps!
there was an error with my paycheck resulting in considerably less pay than we expected. rage at level 2
i miss kongoshin! omfg rage at level 13
she wants to know what we are going to do and why it happened and when i will take care of it and omfg overdraft fees! rage = steam coming out of my ears
honda sits on my face and i lose!
i explode out of my chair and attempt to authoritatively announce “enough!” but it comes out as "fuck!"
i must do pushups to release the boiling torment in my chest!
pushup #1 - last week the car broke down : $800
pushup #2 - three days ago car thief breaks my window : $220
pushup #3 - omfg i cant believe i missed kongoshin!
the pushups are not working!
the rage is building too quickly!
i push up hard and on the way down i punch the floor with all of my weight and strength.
the doctor told me i have a boxer’s fracture in my right hand and i will need to see a specialist this week.
our co-pay for the doctor visits will be several hundred dollars and i wont be able to play street fighter for weeks.
tell me about your rage.

Sounds like you have a shit life. Sorry to hear it.


lol, i have a great life, imo.
i just wish i would have known my hand would break before i threw that punch!
now i am resolved to stop punching things when i get mad.
at 34 years old i should know better.

So why is this in Fighting Game Discussion?

This is what you get for playing sf4 you scrub.

Sounds like you need a blog, man.

But yeah, I don’t see how this should be in FGD at all. :sweat:

i tried to imagine where i would be told my thread should have been created and came up with this one.
it is a thread about anger stories from playing fighting games!

cant say i got any rage sry

Would probably be best here.




man, if my new broken hand had not given me inner peace you guys would be making me rage.


You need to reflect upon those errors about your check problems and how you can’t play SF for weeks.

I don’t know about you but if I couldn’t play SF for weeks I’ll be pissed. DAMN. I’m just getting mad THINKING about it! Aren’t you?


that is hard core dude.
why do you want my head to asplode?
i am just a guy.

And owning a system that owns you when it decides not to work.

You are not alone, Raun. We all rage every once in a while. I punched my hand on the floor a couple of days ago and yes, I felt it. Now I only ragepunch if there’s cardboard lying around;)

Fighting games can really mess up your zen at times…

Why are people hitting the FLOOR?! Do you all not know what it is made of?!