My problem using shoryuken as Anti-Air, help



Hi all,

I’m pretty frustrated cause I can’t figure out proper AA technique. I use Akuma, Ryu, Sagat, Ken, and little bit of Rog. My problem is that i can’t figure out timing on Akuma’s shoryuken to properly punish a jump in by my opponent. It seems that every time I input towards the end of their jump, the land their fierce punch/kick and it counters my srk… I feel like this happens less of the time with Ryu’s heavy shoryu, and Ken’s medium shoryu…maybe Akuma’s shoryu is not meant to be used for AA? should i only use crouching and standing fierce punch? even still though, i eat so many random jump fierce hits… when’s the right time to throw it, or should i not be using shoryuken as my standard AA?


Do it right before they hit their arc


doesn’t that only get me one hit? does the timing never work for trying to get three full hits?


It really depends on which SRK you use. If you use LP, it only hits once so you can generally do it pretty early. But if you’re anti airing with HP SRK or EX then you want it to be deeper to get full damage. Don’t worry, your invincibility will protect you.


You should go to character specific threads for those answers becuase anti airing is different for each one of those characters. I will tell you what I know.

With you ryu you ONLY anti air with medium shoryuken. The reason being is that it has the most invincibility thus less likely to trade. Also Ryu’s shoryuken knocks down no matter if its the first or second hit.

With ken it is best to use mp shoryuken also. Not all of his hits will not a character down either. Feirce version gets stuffed alot so try to avoid.

Akuma has a good amount of invincibility on all of his shorykens. They do not knock down so be careful. With akuma you have to take into consideration how deep the person is jumping in at you and how late. Those two variables determine what strength to use.


If you want to hit your opponent with 2 or 3 hits (MP or HP/EX-SRK) make sure that you’re doing the srk from crouching position.
So you hit him as late as possible.


Mr. Miyagi gives the best advice for this.

Anti air with HP Shoryuken as it has 6 frames of invincibility which is more than any other characters Shoryuken except Seths. It’s difficult to describe how to time it; but my best timing for it is to do it so that the command is finished and the Shoryu starts as they are at my head height. I can’t say what point of their jump that I actually start the command. This is what works best for me since I don’t like trying to do super-late Shoryu’s either. It doesn’t always get 3 hits but it wins a lot.

The crouch technique basicly helps you with doing late ones by lowering your hurtbox until they come down to a point where the deep SRK gets the best priority and all the 3 hits. Done correctly, it has pretty much unstoppable prioirity over frontal jump-ins; although I don’t personally like trying it. You need to experiment and refine your method over time to find what’s best for you.

Remember that many of the jump attacks are different and require different timings and are more or less effective at different jump angles. Some jump attacks have hitboxes that are on a slant reaching lower, rather than a horizontal angle like Ryus, so they don’t have to wait as long to drop low enough to hit you and thus you have to make the necessary timing adjustments accordingly. The timing I described for what I use is what I personally find requires the least adjustment in the majority of situations to beat their attack; even if it’s not the optimum timing for common jumps.

Also be aware that HP Shoryu is only one tool of Akuma’s set that’s needed to control the air. It works on frontal jumps that fall directly into it’s sweet spot. You need to command at least cr.HP, HP Shoryu and far HP for a strong control of the air as these extra attacks cover angles, ranges and situations that Shoryu doesn’t. Consult the anti air thread for further information about these.

(called “Jumping into a Spiked Wall”)


Yeah it’s weird but I’m feeling the same.
My reason is: In 3rd strike I’ve had no problem pressing towards the opponent while he attacks, obviously because of teching.
Since SF4 there is sth. like a brain blockade when someone jumps at me and I don’t hold back or down/back to block “preventively”. Damn habits… :smiley:


I agree on this, although I would often be in a crouchblock position, so the AA srk seems easier like :df::db::df:+:p:, going from corner to corner at least on a squaregate, imo. Just a noob execution probably :wink:
C.HP and of cause AA-demon should always be cycling as options. If jumps are predicted, imidiate jump P/K are often better to get pressure going.


I don’t feel that Akuma’s SRKs are worth the risk against good opponents. If you SRK early for 80 damage, you risk trading with a 100 damage jump in and a trade like that is horrible. If you do your SRKs late to get 2 and 3 hit for meaningful damage, you risk getting empty jumped and eating garbage for your troubles. If I’m going to be risking an SRK, you better believe it’s going to be an Ex SRK for some real damage for my risk.

I much prefer anti-airing like Guile with your far HP and cr. HP and leave the invuln reversals for keeping people honest on the ground. Then again I’m confident in my defense so someone getting in on my with a jump in every once and a while isn’t as scary as whiffing a DP.


Always shoryuken from a crouching position if possible, this lowers your hitbox considerably, giving you more time to execute the shoryuken.


Akuma’s SRKs are some of the more forgiving SRKs in the game. Even if you only get 2 hits it still beats out 99% of the air attacks in the game. If you think that is bad go to another character and try to learn their anti-air and you will find Akuma players really don’t have much to complain about when it comes to their AA.

The only time you trade a HP.SRK is if your timing is so ridiculously early that you are airborne before you hit your foe. While s.HP and c.HP are great AA normals, they do have situations where they will lose or trade every time. s.HP trades consistently with Ryu’s j.HK and c.HP has a huge tendency to trade or get beat. There are situations where the SRK is the best option.

Not being to SRK greatly limits your anti-air as akuma. It is a core part of his zoning game. It makes people think twice about jumping over fireballs.


A good thing I like to point out when AA DP is whiffing a before inputting the DP motion with a shoto. It makes your crouching hitbox even smaller.


What I’ve been doing lately is going into endless battles and just doing srks from the crouching position for the whole match whenever someone jumps. Can’t begin to count how many people were taunting me -_-


While I agree that there are situations where SRK is the best option, I can not agree with Ryu’s cruddy j. HK ever trades with Akuma’s cr. HP. If it’s trading, you’re inputing entirely too late. If you’re going to quote a jump in that is hard to anti-air, mention Boxer’s j FP or j HK or someone with a scarier hitbox. Those are SRK or bust.


I said it trades with s.HP not c.HP. c.HP trades with many OTHER air normals.