My Project is finally complete - iControlPad for smartphones

Hello there fellow SRK’ers. I hope this is OK to show off here in Tech Talk. If not, please let me know.

I’ve been working with a great team of people over the last 2 years to develop what we call iControlPad, a complete Bluetooth control surface for many Smartphones and PC. It’s a fully digital and analog control surface which attaches to your phone (see website for comparability, more testing is being done every day) and communicates with it over Bluetooth. It houses internal firmware, so we can add new features and more support in the future. It also incorporates an internal battery, which will charge your device while it is in use!

Please check out the website below if you’re interested. A long 2 years of work has gone into getting this out to the market.

Thanks everyone! Please let me know what you think.


Looks amazing! Hope it a success, good luck!

Thanks for checking it out! Please spread the word if you can!

And the question that’s surely on everyone’s mind: how easy is it to padhack it to stick it into a custom stick?

That is great device, CaseyCor-Dark Nihl. Crossplatform support is great option. I am sending link to your site to my friends.
What about six-buttons games, like Street Fighter?

There are 2 buttons on the back :slight_smile:

Also, in theory, one could use pressure sensitive controls to determine input with this device as well.

I want to note that I am not the head of the project in any way. I have been involved in the (re)design and beta testing of the device. I am by no means the top of this organization. That was left to men and woman much smarter than I. My role was primarily helping design the actual control surface, and test the product. I was one of the people on the team who spearheaded the change from the original “PSP” style design to the official release.

Please suggest to the website guys to include a butt… i mean REAR shot of the device.

I already did, right after the above post :).

Lots of great videos on YouTube as well. I’ll post some here in this thread in a few minutes.

wireless mame stick a possibility ???

If MAME can accept Bluetooth input, then yes! Would work quite well I think.

I can confirm the dpad is perfect and the buttons and nubs are good quality, too, since my Pandora has the exact same control components as the iControlpad. :smiley:

This is quite true! Very high quality components in the Pandora, no reason to not keep the same standard of quality.

How do you like your Pandora if you don’t mind me asking?

man that’s really nice! but how well does it work with games like CoD for iPhone/Touch??

My last beta test of the iControlPad proved that it’s quite capable of playing FPS games. I tested it with Quake II, which I believe was compiled by ZoddTD for use with controllers. Also can play FPS’s with the iControlPad via emulators currently.

Not all software is comparable with the controller at this time, obviously. We are currently looking for ways to quickly implement iControlPad support into apps without further development from the creators. The current concept is an app that runs in the background which translates button presses on the pad to touch screen inputs. This would allow the majority of apps to run without native support, saving money and time on the development side.

A little pricey, but this is an awesome awesome concept. I don’t really play, or have the desire to play, games on my Droid. But this would certainly be a wise investment if I did.

Nice, I saw this on Engadget a few weeks ago (or was it the CES coverage?)! This is an interesting accessory.

Is the chipset common ground?

Very much. I wanted to be able to play fullspeed Amiga 500 games anywhere (something the PSP can’t do) and the Pandora fully satisfied this urge. I rarely use the nubs but the Pandora’s dpad is really one of the best dpads I’ve ever used.

I hope we’ll get a fullspeed CPS-3 emulator for Pandora one day, too, then we could play SF3 anywhere…

Glad to hear you enjoy it. I’ve wanted to pick one up, and never got around to it. I am a vintage game collector, and love having a portable emu machine. Firs thing I did with my iPod Touch/iPhone 3G/S/4 was get my emulators running.

The D-Pad is great, for sure! Excellent hardware. We went through a lot of revisions to get things right with the controls.