My prom date is poor

My brother’s story: … probably too poor to afford a decent prom dress. What should I do? I’m not paying for her dress, but I don’t want her to wear thiscrappy dressfor prom and make me and her look bad.
What do u think about it?Is it too cheap and crappy?

This thread is useless without pics.

Also, why would anyone show up to prom looking like a two cent whore?

It will make her look cheap but not in the broke way.

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It’s a Snooki-themed, leopard-print costume dress. I think we’re way beyond the point of cheap and crappy here.

So is it a Guido themed Prom or what?

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if shes hot just pay for the fuckin dress and smash on her later.

because they have a prom?

my HS didn’t have shit, we didn’t even get to see anyone wear a snooki dress

Why would you care about what other people think? Just take her and help her to enjoy the evening. You know that’s all she can afford so show her that instead of her date being equivalent to the price of the dress that she’s about to have a good time. I mean DAMN you only get to goto prom once so why should something like a crappy dress ruin it. I mean at least the girl has something to wear there -.-

where exactly is prom held in the middle of summer?
details plz.


Those are men thoughts women on the other hand the second she sees the other dresses her self esteem will plummet like the stock market.

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why do the always break up bitch fights on jerry springer fucking does my head in

They have to make it look real duh.

because police stated they wanted to start arresting guests for assault, so Security was told to actually step in

mind you, when your security consists of a no leg dude…

anywho, buy her a better dress than that, but make sure she buys the condoms (or takes it in the face)

also they blur out tits.

wow just wow

I’m not sure what kind of proms promote girls looking like prostitutes, but okay.

Just go out and both chip in for a decent prom dress then RETURN IT the next day when the prom is over.


Just get one second hand at the Salvation Army or Am-vets, and don’t tell anyone. Nobody will ever know the difference. I’d tell you not to give a shit about the financial status of buying a used dress, but you’re in high school still so I’ll just hope that you grow out of that.

Why don’t you ask some friends maybe their sisters could loan you a more suitable dress.

…how are you getting away using that as an av :confused:

what do u mean?