My proudest moment yet


Hey guys. So I’m very, VERY new to street fighter. I was a Marvel player first, and I decided to get into this game about a week ago. Today my first fight stick came in the mail, so I tried it out and decided to start learning Zangief with it. After a couple of ranked matches, I saw a Dhalsim. I’ve heard this is the nightmare match for me, and I definitely started out scrubby. Luckily I noobed my way into a victory.

After that first round I was yelling at the top of my lungs in the skype call, and had to compose myself. But it gave me the energy and confidence I needed to GO IN THERE on the second round. So yea, I’m super scrubby and I’m aware, but I hope you guys enjoyed my proudest moment in SF4AE so far.

And while we’re at it. What’s YOUR proudest moment in this game? I’d love to hear them :smiley:


I tried to count the jumps in the first round but lost count when the laughter tears blurred my vision

  1. Don’t be proud of playing like this.
  2. Try to learn the game properly.

To answer your question, I don’t have a proudest moment yet. I refuse to be happy with anything I’ve done until I win something that matters


Oh, sorry man. Like I said, I’m not a street fighter player and I’m really new. I’m used to the fast paced air dashing of Marvel, so I guess I just assumed jumping was the best way to get Zangief in. Any advice you could give me would be welcomed. Like I said, I know I’m bad.


You know, blocking is not a bad idea sometimes before you move in.
sim isn’t going to open you up into a 90% health really hard to block mixup like in marvel if you chill every now and then.

And yeah, in this game, jumping like a maniac is not what you should be doing unless maybe you’re a divekick character.


And if we’re doing proudest moments, I guess this was cool for me.

I like the rose matchup.


MY proudest momment was advancing from my pools at EVO last year.
It was a really weak pool, but fuck it! I did it! :slight_smile:


You could’ve done a lot of heavy spd instead of light spd, for exemple on wake up after a lp green hand you’re in range for a heavy piledriver, you’re losing a lot of damage.


Good point, I guess I have it in my head that if I’m not attacking I’m getting opened up like in Marvel. I’ll work on playing more defensive and looking for openings. My biggest issue is just getting lamed out. I actually just lost a game to a Juri who did nothing but spam fireballs that I couldn’t for the life of me get past. And when I finally did I got caught by an ex pinwheel and… right back to full screen.

And wow, great patience in that video of yours.

Holy crap, dude. That’s awesome!!


Oh really? I didn’t realize I was in range for anything other than a light. Thanks for the heads up, man!


Taking 2 games off SnakeEyez in a ft.5 MM in the only chance I had to play vs him.

I expected to lose, I didn’t even expect to take a round since I felt like he was on another level (and he still is…but on a closest level to the one I imagined), I don’t know, it just made me realize that I had done a ton of progress in the past 2 years and that…yeah, it’s possible to get to that level by practicing. Also, playing with the player I admire the most in the world was neat, and he’s a cool guy, so it was all good.


I’ve randomed out online games against a couple of pros before. It’s the closest I’ll ever come to tournament glory in all likelihood. :frowning:


I’ve won an online tournament. In Europe. Without any prize.

It felt hella good though. I went all the way through winners bracket, beat ladnapoka, then he cameback from losers and I did it again. I actualy felt like I was fucking godlike. I was like fuck all the prizes of the world, the training paid off! Although it realy felt he didnt know the matchup.

For you I advice to spend more time in training and just play the game, whe I first started playing this game I didn’t know shit for like half a year. So you propably imagine how good it felt to win that little tournament.