My PS2 stick may have just ruined my PS2...please help!

Here’s the situation. It’s a very weird one.

After a lot of waiting, I finally received my PS2 stick today. It is actually made with a sony PS1 dual shock pcb inside. I plug in the stick and I get absolutely no response at all, none of the buttons seem to work. So I unplug it and lug in a regular controller, and none of the buttons work on that either! It seems that now, all of a sudden, the ps2 is not accepting any input from any controller, regardless of what port is being used. Now, this may be some huge coincidence with the ps2 error, but I think stick I plugged in ruined the ps2 somehow.

Is there some common mistake stick builders can make with voltage or something that can cause a thing like this to happen? What can be done to fix this either my ps2 or my stick???

Thanks for the help!!!

Is there just one pcb in your stick?

What kind of joystick does it use?

Are there any mods, ala LED mods to the stick?

just one pcb, an xbox360 wired controller pcb…no led’s…sanwa jlf + sanwa OBSN-30 buttons

hmmmmmmm… maybe I am an idiot for not knowing this, but…
since when does a 360 wired controller works on ps2?


re read your first post… this doesn’t make sense, you first stated you have a ps1 pcb in there, now you are saying you have a 360, which one is it?

i’m an idiot, i quoted the wrong stick. it’s a ps1 dual shock pcb, only one inside