My PS3 doesn't see .mp3 files



So, I wanted to transfer from files from my USB external HD (FAT32) to my PS3. I connect it, sees the drive, and I transferred my video files (some xvid movies), no problem so far.

However, when I browse to my music folder, it sees all the folders, but no contents of any of them, when i go to information on the music folder, it says 0kb, but they are clearly there.

Some googling led me to see that I have to put the mp3s in a folder called ‘MUSIC’ on the root of the external HD, did that, still same situation.

ANy help? Just want the ps3 to see these files, so odd that it sees the vid files, but not the audio ones.



Have you tried pressing Triangle and then “show all files” or something like that? It won’t even read that I have anything on my usb external until I do that.


You should have maximally one subfolder under the MUSIC (which you put to the root).

Like Sony made Sub-sub-folders for PSP but the funny thing is that PS3 doesn’t recognise a folder within a folder.

Try x:\MUSIC rack.mp3 and x:\MUSIC\Folder rack.mp3 if it works.


Yeah I have both folders containing mp3s in the MUSIC and actual .mp3s in the MUSIC folder, neither can be seen

Jarv, of course i did that…


how did you get videos to show up on there. Which system do you have? i have the original 60gb CECHCxx ver. because i can transfer mp3 files but when i tried to upload wpa,avi,flash files it wouldnt play them.


u have to go to the right section and then select the HD, so if you want .mp3s you have to go to ur audio tab on the PS horizontal bar, if you want the videos you have to go to the video tab, otherwise it wont show that type of file.


Sure. you didn’t go to Music in XMB to reach HDD music? :shy:


well i just wish there was an option to explore the entire HD without having to look for a certain file extension, thats stupid