My PS3 Madcatz TE round 1 stops working on my PS4


As the title says it just up and stops working. I have another PS3 stick that works fine but I like my Madcatz better. The intervals of when it does stop is all random. It’ll be either 5 secs up to 5 minutes and then it just won’t work unless I unplug it and plug it back in but it is random the whole time. Would anyone have an idea of what the issue could be? I’ve tried contacting Madcatz but those people are idiots and think that I’m asking if PS3 sticks do work on PS4.

Another thing is it happens on another PS4 also. I can use it on PC all day and it’ll be fine but the issue only happens on the PS4.



What game?

As if I read this right, you have a PS3 stick. PS3 controllers don’t work on the PS4 unless you got a game with legacy controller support.
Even then some games has touchy legacy support for PS3 controllers.


It happens on USF4 and SFV. Also, yes, I have a PS3 stick.


Check your cable if it disconnects. Try wiggling it and finding the area where it might mess up. If that’s the case, replace the USB cable.

Weird if its working on PC just fine though.


Ps3 and pc are fine. I’ve done what you said many times. Just sad it won’t work. Maybe a few more other tests.

Edit: Another thing is that the stick still has power. I am able to turn turbo on and off. It just is not be activated for the game anymore.


You might have to ether consider a brooks adapter or a PCB replacement