My ps3 TE stick crapped put on me

Okay so I’ve had the 1st gen ps3 stick for a good 6-7 months.

But recently while playing sf4 I noticed that my stick was becoming more and more less responsive to my movements but my buttons work perfectly fine.

So recently I decided to get a few matches in and BAM! out of nowhere in the middle of the match I just froze completely but I could still get my attacks in I just couldn’t move.

So I decided to to open up my stick to see wat the problem was and sure enough I saw it.

The wire to my stick was fried or burnt I was shocked cause I couldn’t have played that much anyways I just wanted to give u guys a heads up on these TE sticks.

I also need help choosing which stick i need to get to replace my old stick I went to lizard lick and they have alot of options but I dont kno which one to get. My options are-

Sanwa JLF-TM-8T-SK Joystick

Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Joystick

Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick

so which one do i need?

If you read the description of the sticks on izardlick one of them says the replacement for madcatz sticks, which iirc is the 8YT.

Cant you just replace the JLF harness instead of purchasing the whole JLF unit?

how do I do that? any info would be much appreciated thanks in advance.

Very strange. Check first if the PCB still works (use thin wire to connect various directions to ground and see if anything happens). It doesn’t cost anything and it could prevent you from buying unneeded stuff.

Also keep in mind that the TE feeds off of a power supply from the console. The harness did not just burn on its own. I would be wary of potential issues from the PS3. Perhaps thouroughly testing for problems using another wired device.

this is true.

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