My PS4 TE2 isn't working for SF3rdstrike on PS4?


I’ve been fenangling with my PS4 TE2 for a little while now. It’s specifically for the PS4 release of 3rd Strike. I have it rented on PSNetwork and every time I try to get in using my TE2, the game refuses to recognize my stick. Disconnects when I switch the setting of the stick to PS3, too. Help?


Well considering your 3rd Strike game is actually a PS3 game that being streamed to your PS4. There is no such thing as a PS3 release of 3rd Strike.
The PS3 setting of your TE 2 only supposed to work on an actual PS3 console, the PS3 setting is not supposed to work on your PS4.
Switching the Stick from PS4 mode to PS3 mode does disconnect the stick anyways regardless of the game or the system that it plugged into.

Did you try to leave your stick on PS4 mode?


I first tried using the PS4 setting. Only when the game wouldn’t respond to the controls did I switch the setting to PS3.


Um how does one play 3rd Strike on the PS4? Honest question, I was under the impression that it was only available on Xbox360 and PS3. If I could play it on PS4 I’d get it.


I found a forum post where this guy said to do this so i guess try that
"After the game you pick loads press the PS button (do not hold) go down to controller settings and change the 2 to the 1 and that should do it. I had the same problem and just figured it out. Hope that helps"

i also read dpad gets replaced with left and right as start and select?

yeh it’s a part of the Playstation Now subscription service. cant be bought and played on its own. basically the ps3 version streamed on ps4


ahh streaming… bad.