My PSN DL speed is slow as ****

I’ve 50 mbit broadband internet available. I’m connected via W-Lan, opened all ports, Nat 2, disabled media server. For 100 mb it takes literally an hour, while my pc eats that whithin a few seconds. This is so tedious, please anyone got an idea? =/

btw, Patches and firmware update seem semi-acceptable tho.

So your PS3 is connected wirelessly to your network.
Is your PC connected via ethernet cable or wireless?
a wired connection is always faster.

Also is there any other traffic on your network?

the 50mbit internet, is that your connection coming in or the rating on your router?
Ether way whats on paper and what spped you actually have is never the same, almost always less.

pc is right next to the ps3 - wireless aswell.
and given a good server I can almost max out my download speed with my pc.

For some reason its reported that PS3’s one weakness is wireless
I don’t have that issue with my PS3. But try to see what the connection is like if you connect it via ether net cable.

Ethernet cable will solve your problem. My PS3 is wired, with ports forwarded and the download speed is faster than my laptop.

Wireless = Fail.
Wired = Win.

I can’t take it wired. the router is one level below. shouldn’t matter anyway. wireless shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve heard about slow downs via wire aswell.

PSN gets like that. You get what you pay for (it’s a free service…)
One time it took me close to 10 hours to download Burnout Paradise.

but it’s not the status quo. for many it’s quite fast.

I’ve had it work fast for me at times too, could be server load, could be a number of other things.

I initially read this as “I have a four-star connection on my PS3.”

A lot of it has to do with WHAT you are downloading… If you’re downloading a sale item, it’s going to be slower than downloading a normally priced item due to the number of people hitting that same fileserver.

I have my ps3 wired. I run a laptop wirelessly. I have all my ports forwarded with QOS on the ps3. I’ve tested my connection off of speedtest but when i do speed tests on the ps3, it’s like a fraction of what I’m supposed to be getting. I’m going to try doing a direct plug in from my modem to the ps3 and see what the upload is then. Should I have full speeds from my ps3 via that connect, i guess my router is the issue? Anyone recommend a really good router?

normaly your ps3 should have an equal download to your pc.

doesn’t really matter what I download. it takes ages for any file. tho catwoman dlc with 218 mb took about 2 hours >_>

Try the in built speed test then try using the PS3 browser to do a browser based speed test then compare your results.
I found the PS3 speed test to be incredibly inaccurate.

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yeah the ps3 speed test is a joke (it even official states so below). didn’t found a website that supported the ps3 for a speedtest. only tried 3 sites, but to no avail.

Congratulations. You’ve discovered the joys of Traffic Shaping
ISPs are dicks, get a better one.