''My punches are stronger than your kicks......'' 0_o (Balrog thread)


Aight, lets do it.
Post strats here.


Not a lot of changes on him except the recovery on his HP headbutt.

How 2 be better at using Balrog?

Weakened super too!

Besides the funky sprite artwork he is more or less the same. I felt so bad for rush-raping so many n00bs last night :confused:


i never really got into ST but I’m trying to now since HDR is here. One question, how do you connect this 3x crouching jabs into super? I know that you have to link the last hit of his jab to be able to cancel into special or super. I was able to 3x c. jab into rush punch, but can’t get the super to come out. Is there any trick of doing it or I just need to practice more?



Practice. I still can’t do it all the time and I’ve been playing ST forever. It might work better with 3x c.jab, st. jab, into super. Sometimes you can link a super off a meaty MK too.


You can always link super off low MK actually, have to be kinda quick though.

I see Gief being his worst matchup now. He’ll still lose to Chun & Sim probably…past that it is a mystery.

The thing with the jab headbutt is that in ST it was already unsafe when used at very close range, but safe from beyond that. Most importantly, if you did low jab x2, low strong XX whiffed low dash upper, then headbutt, you were safe. In Remix, I think the key will be whether or not that particular string is still safe; if not, I don’t see him being #3 like Graham Wolfe said.

I would also like to know his specific throw range now. The only characters that I know for sure will benefit from this nerf are Bison & Chun; Bison had the exact same throw range as Rog in ST, and Chun’s was only 1 pixel less. If I had to guess, I would say it would be a 2 or 3-pixel reduction; any more would allow Vega to counter-throw him, which would turn that matchup around from a win to a loss IMO.

I just completed a bunch of important stuff today so I hope to get online shortly!


I still think he’s good as shit. I’m loving Balrog


Am I the only one who thinks he should have been nerfed a but more in some way? he seems just as good as he was in st 0_o.



His tick throw setups don’t seem to be as strong and he takes longer to recover on some moves. He was “nerfed” just fine:)


This. I watched a decent Rog work a full room of players last night and the only thing he consistently had issues with was landing the throw setups. Situations where Rog typically got that FOR FREE in regular ST I saw a whiffed standing fierce come out instead (sometimes with the other player pausing for a second, expecting to be in the grab). The Rog player still won, but he had to put in some work to make up for the missed grabs.


Gotta at least put one Balrog humor here.

What’s a kick?


For whatever reason I’m having a hard time timing headbutt through fireballs.


Balrog is definitely a high tier character in this game. But I think he is also the worst designed character in the game. Can someone give me a reason to use the straight punch over the low punch? He pretty much has two moves that do the same thing, but one is better. Personally, I think the low punch should do very, very little damage compared to the straight one.


Straight punch definitely doesn’t have much use since it doesn’t hit mid like in previous SF games. I’ll usually use a TAP into their wakeup instead.


Yeah, you got to have some japanese ability to do that.

Gief is your worst match if u dont play smart. What i do against Gief is turtling, jump back and rush, BUT here’s the situation.

  1. So you’re away from him, now the Gief player is thinking that you gonna Rush low at max range, so he’s going to pull up a lariat, dont do it, it beats you down and game over. You can still rush low at short range, for me its the perfect range but dont do it too often.

  2. Anotha thing you can do and i love to do when you’re away from him, Rush low Upper at max range, why? Cuz Gief players love to jump (Be aware of these jumps BTW). Even If Gief does a lariat, Rush low Upper at max range beats 60% of the time.

I do that against T.Hawk too, but more low rush at short range. Cuz Hawk players loves to mash Cr.MK, low rush beats it or possibly, get a tie.

Chun is by far, the worst matchup for Rog. I got no problem with Sim, you just have to put him on the corner and that’s it.

You know what i would like to see? When someone jumps in the air, Jab Headbutt into Super juggle. That would be pure Win.

He doesnt need fireballs or bullshit like that when he gots the world’s strongest punches.

If you’re doing MP Headbutt, Hard times at High %.

S.HP is useful against the half of the roster, i can understand your pain if you’re playing shotos all the time, or a thin hitbox like Cammy (she pisses me OFF!!).

Why is it useful? Pressure, pushin your opponent on the corner, can dizzy, Creates space (for Gief and T.Hawk), Range and Damage. But again, must be patient and smart.

How is it useful?

First of all, when i said about the half of the Roster, im talking about:


  1. Rushdown lp -> S.Hp Pressure: Push them on the corner, espacially Sim and Fei, they get toasted for Free.

  2. Surprise punch : That’s i love Sagat, Gief, Hawk, Honda and a Rog mirror, Their Hitbox. Try to get at cr.mp range and throw a cr.mp and then s.Hp. Sometimes players dont realize the Range of S.HP, if it doesnt work , it creates space or pressure. Depends on what you want to do. Try it, you might dizzy your oppenent.

  3. Corner pressure (Warning: Be aware of Jumps): Mix it up, they might block it all, finish with a S.HP, you created space and then you’re set. You can do everytin’, Mix it up.

Gief cant do none, if he jumps, he wont hit ya, throw a cr.Mp -> low rush -> S.HP = Back on the corner. If he does a lariat, lp low rush.

So IMO, S.HP is useful.

Bones EDIT: Best post that i ever made.


Actually, Bones, he was talking about the dash straight. I’ll answer that one…

The dash straight actually does have some uses. It’s a better mid/long range poke than the low rush (better priority, I think), and it’s great at trading with fireballs (important vs. Chun, Guile, & Deejay). It’s one of those really nice matchup-specific moves, like Guile’s b+MK and such.


Rookie Question: In the command list it shows dash low with a punch, and dash upper (low)? What is the difference between the 2 dash uppers? Sorry if this has already been answered:(


I played a balrog player a while ago and he had either glitched the game or lag really worked well for him. He always charged, would disappear, and hit me, then show up again. There would be a quick flash of his attack sprite after he did it, but it make it unplayable. I thought it was lag at first, but it felt too convenient for him to be lag and it continually happened whenever he used his charge moves and otherwise it would never occur…

Is there some sort of exploit floating around?


i have problems with cammy but not really that bad just kinda gotta play slow
anyone else having problems with cammy?


Its does work on Sim and Shotos too, but not recommended. And yeah, Dash straight was godlike in the HF days.

Dash Upper low knocks down your opponent, Dash Upper does not.
Both good AAs.

She really gonna piss you off with her pokes, i hate that bitch. Cr.strong beats her canon drill, i use Cr.Mk too. Watch for her jumps. I low rush her and i go for tick throw.


To add some more detail, the standard dash upper reaches a bit higher (better anti-air). Also, since it doesn’t knock down, it is possible to link the super from it; I’ve never seen it in a real match, though.

The low dash upper seems pointless at first, but it has two important advantages: It’s quicker than the standard dash upper, and it allows you to keep your down charge. This leads to one of his strongest mixups: Whiffed low dash upper into either throw or headbutt. You can also start using low punch rushes instead of dash upper if they start blocking high.

Low dash upper is a big part of his corner game because it beats both jumping and blocking (via the whiff into throw). Obviously, it’s vulnerable to quick pokes, but that’s why you have low rush/TAP/etc.