My Quest to 2000pp


I have been playing SFIV for 3 yrs on and off (95% off) and have recently picked the stick back up again and am giving it a real go. I used to just straight into endless with a buddy or two or ranked completely cold and never did anything in the lab. I just played, but now I want to put the work in and at least get to a respectable level of skill in this game and am willing to put in the work and get out of this 6-900pp range. I only care to play Balrog and won’t try anything else till I hit 2000pp. These 2 videos (20min each, just watch what u want. don’t expect any1 to watch all of it, and the 2nd video has no music playing btw) should give a pretty good indication as to where I am at the moment and would be grateful for tips of any variety, whether it be how/when to punish, footsie related info, when to back down or change tactics, staple combos I might not be using, anything that will help me towards my goal.

Hope someone reads this and thanks for any help. If anyone cares I’ll continue to update the thread as I start the long climb to 2000pp (this is all on PC version btw, my steam/xbl handles are Cartr1dgeBased if you want a punching bag)

-Cheers All!

edit: sorry if in wrong forum, but nobody uses the character specific sub forums anymore…


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Holding back when the opponent wakes up is the fastest way to get out of the seemingly bottomless pit of 0-2000pp.


Fuck that.

Jab, jump, forward dash > blocking



When they are low on life just be patient, block and wait they will hang themselves.

  1. I would advise trying to complete Balrog’s trails. His trails are relatively easy and should teach you some basic balrog tech

  2. learn how to headbutt into ultra. don’t just randomly throw out your Ultra.

  3. learn to anti-air consistantly. Balrog has a decent anti-air cr.HP

  4. Every time you lose a match I want you to go into replay mode and watch your loss. Ask yourself, what was I doing to get hit, how could I have punished better? what could I have punished, but did not? Did I anti-air him? You would be surprised how many people crack when you anti-air them consistantly. Especially people under 2kpp.

PP is also not the end of be all. You can’t with 100% accuracy guage a player’s skill to PP. I’v met people with 4kpp that were complete trash, and people that have 500pp that were amazing.

I would highly advise watching James Chen’s learning street fighter special he did called “losing sucks”

Also here is another great resource is Vesperarcade’s SSF4 tutorial which consist of 37 videos teaching you the ins and outs of the SSF4 system

Also another resource is Tbird’s guide to SSF4

I personally know where you are, because I was there. SSF4 AE 2012 was my first fighting game. I had no knowledge of past versions of the game, and when i started out I got beat non-stop, but I learned, practiced, and was hungry to get better. You can do the same as long as you stick to it. Those videos are a lot to digest, so watch them when you can and learn.


Some things I noticed:

You don’t need to jump so much as balrog. you should look into better buttons for air-air as well

You need to learn hit confirms. Get in the habit of cr jab x 3 and ending with headbutt -> ultra (if ultras stocked), sweep (positioning/setup), or dashpunch (meterless damage)

stop using raw sweeps so much. super unsafe. use those other buttons!

dont use dash low and dash upper so much - use them when you need them. i.e. you are noticing they have a tendency to walk backwards a lot after a certain sequence use dash low. if they are jumping in too far away thatyou cant use a normal button thats when you need dash upper. use dash straight for footsie based approaches

that beign said only use it if you are sure it will hit, i.e. a punish or whiff punish. dont just throw them out there like crazy, you are so easy to predict.

balrog has the unfortunate problem of being super easy to cross up, especially on wakeup. the best way to deal with this is absorb the cross up with focus and dash backwards.


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Dude there is all kinds of great info in the Balrog character forum including combos, match ups and videos.

There are also people who keep an eye out for new posts there who would be happy to help you out.


Thanks for all the advice and resources. I am watching all of the tutorial videos and am making a txt file list for all of boxer B&B combos and other things i need to ingrain into my brain by taking it to the lab to reach my meager goals. Hopefully in a month or so I will have an update video demonstrating some progress and won’t get bodied by people who have been playing the game for 2 days.
Until then, cheers!