My random CvS2 revelations

I haven’t really had a lot of time to PLAY cvs2 with sophomore year of college kicking my ass, but i have thought about the theory behind it lately. here’s what i’ve came up with. maybe you can agree with some of it, disagree with some of it, but it would be cool to have intelligent discussion on such a good game because these forums have been pretty stagnant lately.

  1. This is the crux to cvs2 in my opinion- once you find a team/groove/niche/whatever, stick to it and master it. i (and i think a lot of others) have the tendency to see a new vid or gimmick and switch to that character. or i see otaku play K-rock and nakoruru at TS5 and guess what, i try to imitate it. i was reading a random article on jujitsu and it talked about the gracie brothers (i think) who mastered every facet of jujitsu and were never beaten. he talked about all other principles (fighting styles) mixed together not adding up to the One princple (a mastery of jujitsu).

and think about it. why do you think buktooth has so much success with N-iori/morrigan/hibiki? while people were rushing down with N-ryu he played that team. and guess what? he’s still playing it now. or think about iyo, or makoto, or shiro, or any other really good japanese player. they find a character/team/groove they like, and MASTER it. i’m really trying to nail down a SET of teams i like in C, A, and N groove with random characters i can switch in and out for counter matches. but if some dude from japan came out with some crazy S-groove shit, i think i’d have to resist jumping on the bandwagon (nothing against S-groove, i’m just trying to prove a point).

  1. I’ve pretty much given up on playing P/K grooves for the simple reason that i don’t have any consistent competition to hone my parry/JD skills. A-sak aside, your ability to parry/JD well goes hand in hand with your success. if you’ve ever played VDO, then you know how scary P-raiden can be, because once you get parrying skills of his caliber, even mixing up your AA attempts against him won’t matter. or OTK just defending all kinds of stuff on instinct, same difference.

  2. Nothing is cheap. If you’re playing P/K groove and you’re getting guard crushed or complaining about not having many supers in P-groove, that’s the implied handicap you’re taking by playing those grooves. sure, i’ll admit that A-bison’s custom probably does too much damage, and other things like that, but nothing is so outwardly cheap/unfair that it can’t be circumvented by some ingenuitive thinking. maybe that’s why i love cvs2 so much, because for every situation, there’s something that can be done to at least give you a fighting chance. a character may be “easy mode,” but those tactics can only get you past a certain level of players until you reach someone who knows the game well enough.

hopefully that can get the ball rolling, feel free to agree/detract/add your own spin on cvs2.


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All of these are pretty much obvious points. Not a diss or anything I’m just saying.

those are basic stuff that everyone should at least be familiar with. it’s good that he pointed it out.

however, there are exceptions to sticking with the same team over and over to master it.

simple example : Bas, and replacing sak w/ vega.

bas has used all sorts of characters on his a-groove teams, he probably just stuck with sak/bison/blanka for so long because he had to play others with the same team… remember his akuma/rolento/bison was sick too

yep, i agree and already said it.

sorry if this stuff is so basic, i just wanted to get something rolling in here.

not true, learning counter characters become more dangerous in time. I recently had troubles with C-guile (Choi specifically) and used A-todo and he works. Vega/ SHOTOS i picked up eagle…no probs. P- groove Todo, Honda…Vega or Guile

If I stuck with Blanka, sak, Vega. I’d have alot of probs.

Hey, you beat Choi with A-Todo? Nice. What’s your gameplan in that match? The waves from the right range counter the booms perfectly and I think j.LK is also useful? Anything else you have to your advantage? Guile can level 3 super all your blocked sweeps so that sucks. I’m not sure what Todo can do if Guile is staying away from him either. I think getting in might be a chore (unless it’s not that important) because backfists are gay too.

I’m 95% sure he was out of practice, but A-Teams gives Choi a lot of problems I noticed. Sakura and Vega are cheap and counter both Ken and Guile I think. Even with how well Choi uses Hadouken, Ken vs Vega match has to be one of the worst possible matches I can think of. Sakura vs Guile is not even fun because of Sakura’s RC spam, Guile’s long roll not being able to punish RC spam, and Guile not being able to duck s.LP.

Choi is never out of p[ractice I played him alot in the past months, he’s never off, never fucks around.

Ill write more about the matchup later I’m gonna go to golfland.

oops, didn’t catch that.

it’s basic, but it’s good shit. a lot of people don’t pay attention to really basic stuff(like your example of otk). they just try to jump on the wagon without even giving a good period of practicing for a specific team.

i find that the majority of people here don’t even talk strategy. They just want to talk, as I am doing right now. You know, shooting the crap about CvS2 cuz it’s a game we all like to play. I’m not sure if it belongs in the General Strategy section but I don’t know if Fighting Game Discussion would be a better place.

People trying to be famous too, with all these “ask me” threads…no more will be said about that.

But hey, not every football fan talks about the sport with X’s and O’s, some just like to watch and maybe play a game or two with friends. Like CvS2. I just kinda wish there was a separation for these 2 different things so that it would be easier for the new people to find information.

oh BTW I need some help with my team, N-Ryo/Raiden/Sakura2, I’m having problems beating Blanka and Sagat, and yeah im just kidding don’t answer that. Questions like that, man…no wonder Dr. B’s thread has so many posts.

Yeah, CvS2 forums have been crap for a while.

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