My rant about PS3

I was out of the loop and picked up a newer PS3 FML.

Why sony choose to get rid of being able to play ps2/ps3 games really pisses me off.

I really did buy a PS3 for knowing I can put away all my PS stuff and use one system. Thats what I get for being ignorant and not being in the loop. Im also annoyed there is no SD cards along with two control ports. I mean it really makes my blood boil that the older version was better.

Anyone else annoyed with having to pull out different systems like me to play your PS2 games?

It also really sucks to own a TE fight stick then to put in GG or MVC2 into my ps3 to play on a stick. Only to find out it was not back words capable.

So now ive got to hunt down a PS2 fight stick which already hard enough to get a PS3 one. Then ive got to lug around all these systems lol.

I really wanted people my older fighting games with my new TE stick!

I also did not know the XBOX fight stick was able to be dual modded and used for other systems. Oh well thats what you get for not being hardcore.

Sony dropped PS2 support because
A) it made the PS3 more expensive to manufacture and Sony needed to cut the manufacturing price as soon as possible so that they could cut their losses – each system at the beginning was losing several hundred dollars per unit for Sony;
B) the PS3 was never as good at playing PS2 games as a regular PS2. The first priorities of the PS3 are Blu ray games and Blu ray movies. The PS2 compatibility was a secondary consideration.
C) Sony was still selling plenty of PS2 titles at the time (200-2008) and realized that as bad as PS3 sales were initially they’d also be killing the PS2 ahead of schedule by keeping BW in the PS3. It also hurt PS3 software sales because naturally the more frugal consumers are going to buy more PS2 titles! They wanted to maintain a system separation and sell more PS3 titles for PS3.
D) By getting rid of built-in PS2 compatibility, Sony has created a new market for re-releasing reprogrammed PS2 titles on the PS3 with HD upgrades. It means they get you to buy the same game again! And guess what — it’s worked!

Every PS2 game (on disc) played by the PS3 has lag introduced by the system. If you don’t want the lag, play the PS2 game on a PS2. PS2 fighting games are NOT played on PS3’s at tourney because of the lag factor.

Another thing, if you’re an import gamer (like I am occasionally) getting an American PS3 wasn’t going to help you with import PS2 titles. Sony enforced the DVD region coding with the PS3 and nobody in their right mind was going to take a chance on bricking a $600-$700 system just to play a few Asian PS2 games when it’s much cheaper and easier to mod an American PS2 to play those games. Even a brand-new Japanese/Asian PS2 model at $200 is bargain-priced compared to ruining a PS3. (Goes without saying system mods violate the Sony warranty and they aren’t obliged to support you when you void the warranty with illegal actions.)

Get used to old hardware (arcade sticks) not working with newer games… The quaint notion of console backwards compatiblity was only introduced with the PS2. Nintendo and Sega never bothered with this idea before Sony! It used to be you had to KEEP the older systems to play old games and most people stupidly chucked their favorite games away for nothing because they had to have the next new console.

Backwards compatibility is a marketing gimmick. The reality is that none of the newer systems were ever 100% compatible with the previous system’s software. There’s always specific titles that won’t work on the newer systems even with the all the brains and hardware guts from the previous generation integrated into the newer generation models. When you hit 90%+, that’s very good… But remember, people have to contort their brand-new PC’s with emu-software nowadays to be able to play DOS games! Even then, there are a thousand or more factors (usually hardware/driver-related) for why many old games just won’t work on the new PC’s.

P.S. – The Mad Catz TE joysticks not working with PS2… All Sony. They wouldn’t release the code to make those joysticks backwards compatible with PS2 games on the first-generation PS3’s. They had an exclusive deal with Hori or gentlemen’s agreement to surrender their market to Hori.

Kind of inconsequential now seeing as there are at least 3-4 reliable ways to make a joystick work with older games – PCB replacement, cable adapters, etc. The only thing no one can do now is make a USB cabled controller compatible with a retro console BUT a retro controller can be used on a PS3 (or 360 or Mac or PC) with the right cable adapter… or a PCB swap.

PS2 MvC2 is garbage anyways, the PS3 port is better

as for the stick, you could get a ps2-ps3 converter

Well since we’re ranting and all…

Thats all the fault of sony for forcing its gamer base to fund its format war ambitions by putting a Blu-ray player into every PS3, causing the system to be an insane $600 on launch. Removing it would have taken off at LEAST $200 off the price, still pricey after but a very helpful dent.

This gaming generation didn’t Need a High-end disc medium either, thats Grade-A horsecrap. As we’ve seen with the 360, DVD-Roms still had plenty of life left in them. No single game there is, regardless of how “HD” it is, really requires 30GBs+ of data. Even the vast majority of titles in the PS2 library didn’t come close to using up the full 8GB of a Dual-Layer DVD-Rom.

Not every movie watcher needed a high-end disc medium and wanted to watch their flicks in super-duper HD for their movies either, thats also grade-A horsecrap. Even to this day a decent chunk of consumers still buy DVDs and have not gotten on-board blu-ray. Can only imagine how low the interest level was back then…

Not since the NeoGeo and Panasonic 3D0 did a company have the sheer balls to think it could charge that much for a damned GAME SYSTEM and think it could be successful. Its come down in price a good bit since, but for a long time PS3 was the “Rich man’s” game console, and even now is still more expensive than the other options.

And finally, when its all said and done, due to flaws in the PS3 system’s design, X-Box 360 games still look just as good if not sometimes BETTER. More often than not, two games for both consoles slated for release at the same time, the 360 version will be graphically more impressive because the programmers just don’t have the time needed to figure out the PS3’s clumsy design in time to represent it potential in game form.

[/end rant sorry]

Agreed. The PS2 itself had a small chunk of titles in the PSOne library that it could not play either.

Anyway, i disagree about backwards compatibility being a marketing gimmick. Maybe so but its also a neat & convenient option for most for the userbase. Its a Good feature that should be used more often, if not hardware utilized, then for emulation.

360’s X-Box 1 emulation is pretty good for the most part imo.