My reflexes are poor...good characters to play?

After spending a couple years playing fighting games seriously, I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that my reflexes are very poor. I can block high against a jump-in, but that’s about it.

I’ve been learning 3S with Ken, but it’s pretty clear that I’m not going to be able to hitconfirm c.MK or short-short-shippu. Same with Chun–no hitconfirming c.MK for me.

So I’m curious–are there characters who play a less reflex-based game? That could mean slower in general, or it could mean they’re fast but decisions are made in advance, or just that lots of what they do is safe. I’m open to playing any type of character; I like playing shotos, grapplers, whatever.

First of all, hit confirming Ken’s cr. mk isn’t possible for just about all players, not just you. But ouch, you can’t do Chun’s? Hmm, who would be a good character?
I would stick with Ken for starters. He’s a beast, and I have a hit confirm that even you couldn’t screw up! j/k, here it is: st. hp, hadoken xx shippu. Does 1 point less damage than st.hp xx shippu and is braindead easy to confirm. If you see that it’s blocked, only do one fireball motion. If you can’t do this, than(no offense), you really can’t play this game.
Alex doesn’t rely on hit confirms really, and would also be another choice. Plus he’s alot of fun to play. That should give you a start.

I would think that Q and Hugo would be a good choice. The reason being is that with poor reflexes you will get hit a lot, so you’ll want a character that can take damage well. And also, if you can’t hit conform, you would want to look for a character like Hugo who can counter mistakes well after blocking.

Basically, you can use any character that doesn’t require fast paced offense to play so Ibuki, Dudley and the twins are out. But don’t worry, not all hope is lost. In addition to Alex, Hugo and Q, you can also try Remy, Oro or maybe even Urien. Those characters can more or less control the speed of the match and don’t require any split decisions, although Urien may be a little tough because in order to play him you can’t stand there and spam projectiles. Try everyone, eventually you’ll find someone that suits your style. :tup:

I didn’t want to say Urien because to effectively use him you’re going to eventually need to learn charge partitioning, which takes strict timing and execution(at first, haha). I would recommend Urien as a character anyway, because I’m a Urien fanboy.
But that’s just me.:lol:

Yeah, I didn’t want to say it either but I guess I beat you to it. :rock:

3s is fun

I don’t mind strict timing or tricky execution, just having to react quickly to hit sparks…

If that’s your only problem then you can probably use anyone you want. The only thing is that because some characters are more effective with the hit-confirm (obviously so you don’t unnecessarily waste meter and/or put yourself in a situation where you’ll get punished ex. missed EX Machine Gun Blow) but you may be able to get by with most of the characters, you just might not be as successful that’s all but you’ll have to work around it. Good luck. :tup:

If partitioning doesn’t discourage you, I would highly recommend you learn Urien.
With proper use of the Aegis Reflector, there is a massive amount of options you can do. Not sure if you’ve been playing this game at all, so I want to know:

  1. Do you know what charge partitioning is?
  2. Have you played a charge character before? i.e. Guile

Off and on since late '04.

  1. Yes, but only from reading threads in the Urien forum.

  2. Not seriously. I’ve picked them on occasion in various games, but haven’t really worked with them.

For reference, characters I’ve played seriously in other games:

KOF2k3: Ryo, Kim, Robert, K’, Tizoc.

GGXX#R: Ky, Johnny.

Btw, thanks all who’ve responded. :smile:

To play Q as well as possible, you need to be able to cancel a dash punch into super on reaction, so Q is probably out. If you play SAIII Hugo, you need to be able to link/cancel jumping fierce/roundhouse or claps into super, so SAIII Hugo is probably out too. You need to be able to confirm things like jab jab or close standing forward with Alex, too. Basically most characters in 3S have hit confirms that are important to their games.

Urien is probably a good bet. You have to be able to plan and execute well to play him, but he doesn’t have a lot of things that require good reactions. I personally really enjoy using SAI Hugo (I think Gigas is his best super anyway), so I’d recommend him too.

I would have to say that Urien is probably the ideal example of a character that plans his stuff out before executing. Example being if you do a cr. Fierce, mk tackle xx hp Aegis. During the super freeze, you can decide what unblockable you are about to set up, before you even do it. Then it’s just a matter of executing, which gets easier the more you play. Urien is definately the planning man’s character.

Charge characters can be difficult to learn at first, but practice makes perfect.
Oh, and another thing…Urien is just so damn fun to play:lol:

have you seriously tried to do those hitconfirms in real versus gameplay? cause besides ken’s c.MK, which is pretty difficult, the other you mentioned are very easy. I think you should work on your reflexes at first, you can improve them… besides hitconfirms, if your reflexes are THAT bad, you’re going to have big big problems in defending yourself, especially against characters with good high/low game, which can link super arts off overheads… not to mention when you’ll get trapped into an aegis reflector in the corner…

anyway, give a try to ryu too, choosing denjin hadouken. this super art is not for combos but for mind games, so you don’t have to hitconfirm it off anything :wink:

I would not suggest Urien at all, having the reflector doesn’t compensate for the lack of reflexes (pun intended).

Urien’s defense game is quite weak, and while attacking with Urien doesn’t really require hitconfirming, defending requires a lot of reflexes since in many situations he has limited option as he DOESN’T have a general-purpose defensive move like many others do.

Really, try to improve your reflexes. Play a lot and keep trying, you’ll get to that in the end. Not everyone could do that right from the start, so don’t be discouraged. Short, short shippu doesn’t require good reflexes. If you have the execution for that down, just press lk two times and buffer the qcf*2 motion. If you see that the FIRST kick did hit (you don’t have to react to the 2nd one since you are chaining them), just press a kick button for the 3rd time. There’s quite a leeway to do that.

Don’t worry if you won’t be able to hitconfirm everytime. I’ve seen even top players missing short short shippu sometimes. You just try, it will come natural with practice, sooner or later. And don’t get pissed if you miss.

PS Son Goten wth are you doing here? I’m killing you :annoy:

try cr.short, cr.jab, cr.short, shippu. You need to do it close but it gives you a lot of time. Try buffering by pianoing on all the buttons of the super you want. plus you can just punish ppl when you parry or when they mess up. you don’t ALWAYS have to hit confirm. besides you can just do, fireball, super.


Just jump around and down+HP.

Was that a joke?
Just checking, because that’s a recipe for losing.

Ryu would probably be a good character. Depends on what you play though, I would recommend SA3. SA1 does have hit confirms, and that’s not for you, so…SA3 it is, lol.
Even if they block a setup in the corner, such as cr. forward, fierce shoryu xx Denjin, usually they will be hesitant to attack, and let you charge it for a sec. I’ve actually had my friend block that setup, and then let me charge it for like over 2 full secs, because he was anticipating me releasing it early. He got stunned, needless to say.

just cr.roundhouse that.

you have a frame disadvantage if you hit me with the denjin but don’t stun me.

I know, but at least you can get about two hits on the denjin, maybe more. Better then nothing.