My replay channel is broken?


I went in the other day and deleted all the replays I’d saved over the last month or so cause it was getting a little cluttered in there.
I dunno if that has anything to do with anything but now, my currently saved replays wont load.

If i go on my fighter profile and add a replay to my list and go back to the list itself, it saves the replay as two 0LP Ryus (im a Cammy player and its dismissing who the opponent was) doesnt list the user names of either player and says failed to load replay if i click it. I cant access the replays themselves to delete and start over so they are just kinda stuck on my list

There were a few older replays that i didnt delete from before my purge and those dont work either.(even tho ive watched them b4)

Also i noticed all the dates on my replays say Jun 7, 1906. (Even the older ones have this date) What is this?

Edit - ive noticed its not sending any of my matches to the server now(well it only did a few) …i cant go get anyone elses replays from thier profile either

My replays aren't saving properly (or at all?)

CFN feels shit right now. I can’t search for myself at all. It pulls up someone different.


Oh ok. As long as its not just me…i was thinking maybe i did something to corrupt my files or something


Same with me.


Here too. Some of my replays dont work.

Also the sort order is wrong.


Same here. Replays have been in the wrong order, and since yesterday the game hasn’t been able to retrieve the replay data. Guile has set the replays free.

Edit: On a related note, is there a way to delete all your favourited replays in bulk?