My request man

hey im new here but im a member of street fighter online also and i was wondering if someone could fill my order i would like a animated avatar,heres how i want it spider man shoots akuma with web sting then he say oh no then ryu and ken jump out of no where and both of them shoot spider man with a huge hadoken then they both call him a bitch then it say kensavenge oh and the background is blue.that avenge not revenge kensavenge,also can we use banners, if so can i have a banner of ryu and ken geting ready to shoot a hadoken at each other and when they do the balls hit each other and a huge blast show up then it say kensavenge so if you could do i’d really apreciate that also let me know if i have to do this myself.

you have to do this yourself.


someone ban this fucker already.

Despite the fact that he hasn’t said anything that’s actually funny (just clueless and annoying,) kensavenge has been really entertaing to me for some reason – I guess it’s largely the way he keeps posting the same things over and over again without any comprehension or, at least, acknowlegment of people’s reactions. Plus, he first submitted an unmodified sprite and then tried to rip two people’s avs in the battle, never really explained himself, tried to start his own av battle, and now he’s back to this. Most people like this would have started flaming or left by now, neither of which would have been nearly as funny. Also, the fact that it doesn’t seem like he’s just trying to intentionall screw with everbody adds to it, too.

^Yeah, I know just what you mean, roflz.

U fucking up again…too much on one request…I tried to help u out on the last thread that got closed but NOOOOO u decided to do ANOTHER…

That’s it…I wasted my breath on someone who just don’t care…And these guys have a point. Learn to do stuff yourself. Don’t rely on others cause you can only trust yourself on these threads.

Word to the wise on the next set of forums you try to spam on…

Look at the date on this thread. he made it a while back, BEFORE he was flamed for eveything he posted.