My Request Thread

Let me just begin saying, the only sample I have is my avatar. I reformated my computer two days ago, and I only backed-up’d my very large database of sprites. BUT, if you really need some samples, i’ll gladly do that, if that’s not a problem, by all means request,…with some rule ofcourse.

. Animation requests can’t be to diffucult and absurd.
. 3 at a time.
. Don’t hassle me.
. No absurd requests, such as Bison hittin Cammy from the back.

…umm that’s about it.

Pick Ups




:Tapps(for now)


Since people are getting scared of Juana la Iguana. Plus I quit Photoshop because I suck, so…

Think I could just have something with my name? I’ll just let you go wild with your creation and incorprate my name in there however you like. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, use [AthaN] or AT or something as my name I guess. Apologize for being so blank.

Athan tis done, pick it up in my first post.

can i get an av of this pic… thx

HellMut, the pic is not workin. :frowning:

EDIT:N/M, I had to put paste it in the browser. My bad.

HM, tis done, check the first post. Sorry for double post.

sweet, thanks :smiley:

Your welcome :slight_smile:


Could you please make me one of Bridgete. I’d like this animation with it if it’s not too hard. Just make it any you’d like and can you put J1ggz somewhere on there thanks.

Gif the only one I could find.

Nice work you got there.

Thanks alot man, that’s tight work. Love it. =D

J1ggz, sorry, I couldn’t do exactly what you wanted, but it’s still animated. If you really, really, need it the way you wanted, then i’ll spend more time on it.

Hello. Can you make me an avatar out of this? Thank you in advance.

Yeah, the picture is not working at all now.

hey man you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to but could i get an avatar with nakoruru putting here blanket on. if not don’t worry about it thanks in advance.

Naw man it’s cool that way you made it. I like it, excellent work, Imma be sporting this for months:DThanks a alot

Your welcome :slight_smile:

anyway, Tapps, I couldnt find the sprite, if you could give me one. It could help but for now I made you an alternative Nakoruru, pick it up on my first post if you wna’t to use it.

Can you make me an avatar with Terry and Sagat? Do whatever you want with the background, and have my name in it somewhere. Thanks.

i’ll try to find one but if i can’t could you be able to tell me a place to go for them. but if not the one you made rules anyway, thanks alot for the avatar.

hey man i found a sprite with sakura if it works could you use it if not the avatar you gave me is the shit.
could you use the one of her dancing. thanks in advance.