My Request Thread

>.<, link doesn’t work. only me…

rimrattler, sure.

its i the attachment.if you can use it i would be happy.

:: OTG :: Can you use the picture i posted?

rimrattler, yours is done.

Hey Ez, the link doesn’t work.

Tapps, do you wan’t it animated ? If you do, give me some time, im kind of inconsistent with animations.

Wow, avatar looks great, good job and thanks. :cool:

yea, and take all the time you need and thanks in advance man i realy am thankful your doing it.

Heres a new Pic.
DMC pic
Could you put my name it as well. You can do what ever you want with the backround. Thanks in Advance.

Hey OTG, i like your work…I was wondering if you could make me one too…Either one of Captain Marvel or something Apocalypse in it. Here are some pics of Cap. Marvel, couldnt find anything good of Apoc(hes who i really want). Thanks…

Use whichever one is easiest or the one you like best, doesnt matter to me.

oh and can you put Shortboi pretty small somewhere on it?

Thanks again…

The link’s are not working. Plus, i’ll start tommorow. I’m kind of tired.

Pictures don’t work -__-

What about mine? it’s on the second page.

If it doesn’t could you use this one?


If mine didnt work…can you just goto yahoo and click on images and either type in apocalypse or captain marvel. They have good pics on the first pages. Thanks a lot…


Hey, I like your work and I was wondering if you could do me an avatar using this Robo-Ky sprite. I want written somewhere on the avatar [Chaos Factor] (i’ll be changing my name soon and that would be a great avatar for me. IF you can do it thanks, here’s the attached sprite. YOu can shrink, enlarge or whatever you want to do to it. And if you can find an I-NO sprite to add into it, I’d like that alot! Particularly the one where she’s topless. DO whatever you like to make those two sprites fit together

Found it

Here’s that I-no picture

a simple request

Hey OTG do you think you could rip me some Abyss sprites. They don’t have to be animated, in fact I’d prefer them still. If not could you get me a couple of screen shot of him in his armor form. Thanks , Hauzer

One like JigglyPuffKilla’s av; light, calming colors, and with the later Athena sprites in it. You could either be creative with 4-6 Athena sprites in there doing different poses, or just one re-colored sprite(white and pink, plz).

Either “soul” or “Soul Ebelius”. Animated or not is up to you. I don’t really care.

just copy and paste the link onto a new browser. should work after that.