My review of SFXT (


Hey guys, I just finished my review of SFXT and I figured you guys may enjoy it.

From you guys and all the various streams and videos out there I’d say I have a far better grasp of how the game is compared to most reviewers out there. Give me some feedback if there is something you agree/disagree with, or if something is blatantly wrong. Thanks!

If this is against the rules or belongs somewhere else let me know and I’ll post it wherever it needs to be.


Nice review, but there is something blatantly wrong about the netcode. It is not on the same level as sf4, they are completely different. Sf4 uses variable input delay to handle lag so matches may be appear to be smooth on the outside but it takes much to long for moves to come out.

SfxTK uses a rollback netcode where inputs are usually constant and the same as offline for the most part but animation frames are dropped in laggy matches. The funny part is, from an outside perspective rollback netcode looks like it’s worst and really laggy, when in reality it’s much better then sf4 and the gameplay is much smoother and playable with people from long distances. That’s not even close to possible in sf4. Sf3 OE uses the same thing GGPO and that is also much better then sf4 and mvc3 for fighting games.


Very true, but my experiences between SF4’s online and SFXT’s haven’t been all that much different. I probably should’ve made a point about it being a little better (because it is), but I stand by my point that the total quality as far as online lag is comparable at least.


I understand your point from a casual perspective but if you were to become a competitive player in fighters then you would realize that it’s not at all comparable. There is a huge fundamental difference in how sf4 and sfxtk handles lag. This really isn’t an opinion, it is a fact and I completely understand why most people don’t know that. If you decide to update your review you can mention that it’s much better for competitive players but more of the same for casual. It doesn’t matter to me either way since I typically don’t read reviews in general.


I get ya, I might update it.