My router is making me look like a rage quitter


okay I got the most fucked up, but consistent disconnecting behavior going on. This all started when I got a new wireless router, a netgear AC-1200. both my PC and PS4 are connected wired, not wifi.

when playing online casual, ranked, or battle lounge, the 1st two games will go smoothly. Sometimes there’s lag, sometimes there isn’t. pretty normal shit. If it’s just two games, either I win 2-0 or lose 0-2, everything is fine. But if it’s 1-1 and we go for the tiebreaker, I’ll always always ALWAYS get a 40002 disconnect either towards the end of the 1st round or barely into the 2nd round of the 3rd game.

I’ve forwarded ports for steam and PSN and I even tried putting the ps4 in the DMZ but nothing seems to help.

this happens on both PS4 and PC.

Last night I tried a battle lounge with my ps4 against my PC and while they were both on the same network, everything went fine but just to check I set up my mobile phone as a hotspot and connected the PS4 to that and the same 2 and done behavior returned.

anyone experience anything remotely like this? any ideas or recommendations that I haven’t thought of?


It’s probably the servers, not your router.


its just so fucking annoying. I thought maybe the recent patch would help, but it didn’t. oh well, at least it’s somewhat predictable.


Plug your old router back in. See if it starts working properly again.

If the problem only exists on your new router, then RIP. Time to get yet another new one or hopefully you can mess with some settings.

Alternatively you can try hooking your PS4 directly into the wall (bypassing the router) and just playing that way.


I don’t even bother worrying anymore. The servers are so goddamn wonky everyone has and probably been labeled a rage quitter at one point or another. I mean Capcom knows this shit too… thus no halo or devil horns anymore.


old router stopped working all together, that’s why it was replaced.

I sort of tried hooking the PS4 directly to a different internet (mobile phone hotspot) but since I only tested it against myself, it wasn’t super conclusive… Out of respect for my fellow players, I wouldn’t feel right trying to play online with such a connection.


Did you enable the router ports Capcom recommends?


if your ISP replaced the router, tell them it’s defective.

then if every model they give you is just as crappy, tell them you want a different model.

or you can just buy a router, a cheap one is only like 30-40 bucks.


I replaced the ISP provided router with a netgear AC1200, not another ISP router.

anyway, despite trying the DMZ thing before without success I tried it AGAIN and so far everything seems to be okay knock on wood.

Maybe I just set it up with the wrong IP the first time.


im having the exact same issue with this same router… can you tell me what you did? and please dumb it down like im a smash player.


first, figure out the IP for your PS4. on the ps4 dashboard, go to settings -> network settings -> view connection status to find the IP
then open your router config page in a browser, and go to advanced -> setup -> wan setup and enter the IP for your PS4 where it says default DMZ server.

don’t do this if you’re playing on PC.

hope this helps


Your ragequitting is making you look like a ragequitter.

I’m not buying your modem OS.


shit, crash_and_burn saw through my scheme…