My Rufus Teaching Stream



Coming soon
I’ll be streaming some tips and stuff on rufus or recording lessons on different parts. Ill go through match ups, Footsies , Set ups ( counter hit set ups, Mix up set ups, Etc ) Combos and other stuff.

The stream is

Post bellow with what youd like to see and Ill keep this first post updated for times of my stream.

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I doubt anyone will take this seriously considering the guide thread you created never amounted to anything, and the fact that you posted recently in another thread saying you’d done it but didn’t want to share it with anyone on these forums…


Even still I have I have 3-4 Years of Rufus Knowledge, Tournament Play, Match up knowledge, Footsie advice and all that jazz. Fchamp is a dick but people still listen to him. Justin wong does nothing but talk down about rufus but people praise his rufus still.




Yeah Haiku, i think mubress has a point here, especially considering how he’s given more to the small community of rufus users there are that post here than anyone else on this forum. If you’re just gonna jump in here, run your mouth, declare your greatness, and then just talk shit to people here why should we listen to you? Even if justin came in here and did that i wouldn’t give a shit, respect is something that comes before how good you are or aren’t at a video game.

In all honesty i don’t doubt your skill at all, every time i see you talk about Rufus you talk like you know what you’re talking about (even if you are pretty curt). This being said oftentimes you come off as overly blunt and hostile sometimes. You’ve got a sort of tough guy phenomenon going on, if you were honestly as good as you are saying you are then you wouldn’t need to say anything at all, you’d let your gameplay say everything you need it to.

I wanna give you credit dude, and i don’t doubt that your a fucking beast with rufus, but you’ve just gotta get off your high horse if you wanna be taken seriously (especially given that you really haven’t shown any gameplay). Also, a little respect would be nice, especially considering that most people who do look here are just friendly dudes looking for advice.


Yeah sorry about the pop off. It was someone before who ticked me off because they questioned some tips I gave him and talked down on all the advice I was giving him. But it was also my fault for getting out of control, I used to be the go to guy in 2010-2011 so now I want to give back again to whoever I can.
Ill even stream for one person if they really need help.

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No worries, I was just pointing out that if you say your going to do something but then don’t, people are less likely to be interested the next time. Like fizzy said we all just post on here to try an learn more about our character, so if someone has information then we’ll gladly take it :slight_smile:


No worries dude, happens to the best of us. Shit man, its the fgc, poppin off is in our blood. Im looking forward to the stream, rufus content is hard to come by these days so ill be all watching vigilantly. We just gotta focus on proving justin wrong by finding some useful new tech


Yeah Its not much Tech though Rufus needs its more we all need to work on the game outside of mixups because we have mix ups just we dont have godlike Cammy normals lol… Im going to show all I know and also watch other Rufus Players and see what I can learn from them.


Yeah Its not much Tech though Rufus needs its more we all need to work on the game outside of mixups because we have mix ups just we dont have godlike Cammy normals lol… Im going to show all I know and also watch other Rufus Players and see what I can learn from them.


Hey ill be streaming soon. I just need to prepare some info and teachings so its structured and informative. Please let me know what you guys need help with or tips on so maybe I can build this dtream around key points. I just played a tourney ( I lost a really close Rufus Mirror to my own friend but I learned a bunch yay ) and I learned some new stuff.

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Why you don’t create only a topic or youtube videos with Rufus tutorials? A lot of rufus players main him since 2009, 2010 and know a lot of the characters, normals, dive kick pressure, bnbs, frametraps, setups, you can explain all this with youtube videos…A stream will be very usefull if you explain matchups, i have a lot of questions about sagat matchup and don’t have anyone to ask help(i’m brazilian, doesn’t have a lot of Rufus players here…and no one is better than me…), a stream with live chat is a good way to exchange knowledge…


Yeah ill do that, my brother plays sagat so I can definitly do some sagat match ups. Im planning on streaming saturaday night ( pst usa basically cali ) so ill not the sagat match up.

Ive been working on a few youtube videos but I have terrible editing skills haha.

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Streaming Now


I really need some Rufus help. I don’t know how to approach a good ground game without divekicks or any frame traps or specific setups. I’d appreciate your help with all the years you’ve dedicated to Rufus. If anyone wants to add me on XBL my gamer tag is Kelpocalypse


Sorry I’ve been mia been working but frame traps I can def teach and show you. I’m working on a rufus video just for ground game and frame traps since I’m sure everyone knows dive kicks.


I checked out your stream archives on twitch and didn’t see any Rufus stuff?


sorry been busy with work a lot of my rufus stuff is archived on my hard drive im working on a video but its hard to teach rufus because his stuff is basic yet the depth can be hell.


Yeah it really is. I’ve been thinking about doing some match-up videos but after making some notes on what I should cover, I’ve realised it’s going to be really hard to make it anything but confusing to most people.


As a Rufus player since the beginning of Super, I have a pretty good feel for the character. I’ve been coming and going, but the thing that always makes me come here to the forum is to try and get deeper technical knowledge with him. By this I mean specific OS’s, specific frame traps, unblockables, etc. I usually know the theory of things (for example, I know what is a frametrap, or what is an OS) but I don’t seem to be very good at practicing these things. I think I lack training mode discipline, but heh. Everytime I think I got the timing of a safe jump down, I try it again and SRK through it.

Any tips to practice these things?