My Ryu Combo

Here it is:

First thing first is have your opponent close to being stunned.

UF, MPx2(combine into a 2-Hit Combo, Shin-Shoryuken, UF x MK, HP Hadoken, (now your opponent should be stunned and your super bar should be almost full again), now, repeat the same thing.

Super = Shin Shoryuken
Combo = 14-18 Hit Combo
Automatic Kill = Yes
Fighter = Ryu
Opponent = I think it works on everyone. Defently Ken though.

A video of me doin it will be posted here soon. If you have a question about it then, please ask politley and I’ll help.
This Combo is Property of Me(Evil-Ken) and not anyone elses. If you would like to host it on your site then, ask me and also, put my name in the credits.

ummmm OOOOk lol. one thing i dont get is how can you do UF+mk, then an hp hadoken, that combos?

anyways, heres a combo to do on akuma with denjin

jump fp, d+dp XX denjin charge for 2 hits and release. automatic stun. follow up with whatever, most damaging jump fierce, standing fierceXX rh hurricane kick.

you could also do it as jump fierce , standing fierce, jab fireballXXdenjin 2 hits but its alittle more difficult to time. anyways, either one will fully stun akuma on normal characters its more like 90+ percent stun

-edit- actually, now that i think about it. i dont think that combo is possible. 2 shishoryukens? that is a really long superbar. theyd be able to shake out of the stun before you built enough bar, but anyways. maybe im wrong


if your opponent is almost stunned then you probably had to get a few hits in (lets just say fierce) to get him close to stun with fierce is about 30 to 40 perent life, then the shin shoryuken will kill him or close to it, because you already took away life. i’m not sure how you build meter so fast to get the second shinshoryuken but the opponent will already be dead no need for the second


yes, I know but if you do training mode(dreamcast) then you’ll be able to do it 2 times.


um ok:confused:





Here’s my Ryu infinite combo that works on anyone, no stun necessary, always does 100%

EX Joudan, Shinshoryuken, repeat until dead.
A variation of this is
Shinshoryuken, EX Joudan, repeat until dead.

All you have to do is change system direction to give infinite meter. And maybe have to be in training mode. And you have to a be a scrub.

Re: .


Thank you, thank you. No applause necessary, just send money.

I have a similar combo for Urien. You need infinite meter and tell the system direction to allow infinite juggles. Again, it helps to be a scrub.

EX Dangerous headbutt, repeat until dead.

I learn something new everyday. All you combo masters out there should patent your ideas and sell them on Ebay.

u guys shouldnt laugh at him, he might have a mental disability:(

but if he doesnt…

cr. hard punch, hard punch dragon punch, hard punch shin shoryuken = teh best:cool:

in the corner with the sys. direction on.

low foward shin shoryuken, dash in shin shoryuken.

Hey! I have a more interesting combo.

Try infinite bar, stun player with shin shoryuken, 5 close jabs, shin shoryuken, 5 close jabs, shin shoryuken, repeat until you’ve realized how dumb it is. (of course, you have to dash forward to jab first…)

Honestly, combos that involve system direction modifications have no point… unless your timing is pretty bad and want to practice. :smiley:

Off Topic Question:

How many SS’s does it take to beat a fully defensed-up Q?

I say three ShinShoryukens to get to Q’s center…:smiley:

I don’t know, go ask Mr. Owl.