My Ryu footage, need input!

I’d love to put this in the ryu subforum but we all know it’s dead. I think I and one other were the only to post threads in there the last several months and replies were sparse. So here goes!

I know I need to polish off my xx hado execution. I’m also aware of my inappropriate shoryukens. The air tatsu at the end was an accident. A lot of the grabs he landed on me were due to my crouch tech timing being off. Also… I normally f + hp xx h.srk punish commonly, not sure why I didn’t think to do so here.

What would you do for all of these situations? I’ve made a lot of quick progress but now I feel stuck. 2 days ago I spent the entire day bouncing back and forth between 1100 and 1300pp, now I’m struggling to stay over 600pp. I don’t know what I’ve lost sight of or what bad habits I’ve developed… Really wish I would have saved some footage lol.

Help me break past 2000pp!

Your antir air game was good for your level, though it’s coming at the cost of your ground game since you’re buffering it constantly. My advice is for you to practice doing it on reaction so you can move aroudn more freely.

Use a lot more. You don’t even have to cancel it into hadouken if your execution is not up to par just walk up or spam it to bully people.

Practice hit confirm out of the crouch techs and jabs you were mashing. cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.hp xx tatsu

Thanks, I have actually been drilling, cr.lp, cr.hp xx tatsu and other variations for the past month, I can land them perfectly maybe 6 out of 10 times, 7 on a good day. I’ll have a few days where I can’t land it for crap, given that I’ve done it several thousand times and make no progress makes me wonder how it’s possible for these teenage pro players to get it 100% of the time. I don’t know why I never apply these strings to my games. My guess is that everyone at this level seems to love punishing normals out of wake up. I honestly don’t see what is so great about cornering opponents, it’s just rock paper scissors where you can’t back dash/jump which is something people rarely do anyway.

That happens sometimes. It’s happened to me on many occasions. On to the match…

  • In the first round, you had a very good block on a cross-up air tatsu in the corner. That was impressive.
  • Your SRK’s are very good too.

It’s easy to see afterwards and hard to do in the heat of the moment, but there are 2 things I noticed that you could’ve adapted to.

  1. When you got knocked down, he went for a fake focus attack > backdash AT LEAST 5 times. Twice you tried a LP SRK (which wouldn’t have worked anyway bc it doesn’t break armor), once you whiffed a throw, and I think you backdashed the other times (which isn’t a bad move). It’s hard to challenge a FA on wake up, but he did it so much. Doing that so often also makes me believe he doesn’t have much a wake up game.
  2. After you blocked a j. HK, he went for a throw most of the time. I think you could’ve SRK’d him (risky) or backdashed and hit him with a cr. MK > Tatsu.

I like your cat.

All specials armor break when performed as reversals.

Wow, thanks!

Greenwood I realized the reason my skill dropped significantly was because of 2 things. 1 being that I threw away my pressure and BnB because I desperately wanted to master AA. 2 because I’m juggling too much new information. I only really tried to apply crouch teching just that day, it’s like when I only use a set of skills I’m very comfortable with I can react to situations MUCH quicker because I’m not applying any of my concentration to doing things I’ve never done before or suck at, so it kinda dumbs down the rest of my skill because my reading isn’t getting the relaxed focus it needs for me to effectively reply, so I spazz in situations I normally handle comfortably. Too much divided attention.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll keep those replies in mind for next time.

ArtVandelay. I’d normally agree with you, but earlier that day, that very same cat tackled my gaming monitor into the wall and floor and it no longer powers on…I’m kinda miserable about it. Playing on a large HDTV surprisingly sucks for fighters, it’s like I have to process 10x the information. lol

Just to further comment on your AAs -

While they were very good earlier on in the match (especially round 2) I guess your nerves got the better of you because towards the end of round 3 (-30 seconds on the timer) your opponent jumped at you 3 times in neutral at the perfect range for a crouching HP to win the match, and you blocked.

Anticipating the jump is 90% of the mental preparation for an anti-air as you probably know, but you need to be aware when someone is in that perfect anti-air range. Good players are less likely to jump within that range but the possibility is always there. Crouching HP is still a very strong AA so if the situation fits then use it! I find normal AAs are easier to do on reaction so it is probably better for you to use crouching HP instead of SRK for the time being since you can then focus on other things like spacing without having to worry about execution.

I think focusing on AAs that match was a good idea really, a successful AA is free damage and can lead to easy wins, and that E. Ryu player jumped in on you a lot.

Except projectiles