My Ryu Sketches & Art Thread


In this thread I’ll post up any sketches I do of Ryu. It’ll be mostly alt designs and ideas for alternate costumes. Let’s start this off:

Ryu Summer Pack DLC

Bearded Ryu

Maybe I’ll post up some fan fics with illustrations (because c’mon who’ll read your fan fics without some pictures to go along with it lol)


that bearded ryu is sweet man like ryu crossed with toki :tup:, those summer ryu doesnt really look like ryu at all :rofl:


Yeah we’ve been saying that on the Capcom boards. Why did they give him sunglasses? In another post I said “I’m drawing this to heal the anguish that is caused by looking at fugly Summer DLC Sunglasses Bro-Ryu”

And yes! We’ve been trying to get Capcom to give Ryu a beard. Two of Capcom’s artist have drawn him with a beard, but Capcom won’t go through with it.

Thanks again man!


Heres an Alt Costume design:

Which do you guys like better?


Great work man, really like how you are trying different things with each one. Some sweet detail too.


2 is so ryu. I really think it makes that special connection with Ryus Alpha series attitude which in my opinion is the best depiction.