My Sanwa joystick and button are squeaking!?!

i asked in the newbie thread and i didnt get a response so i think its better if i make my own thread.

Does the sanwa stick supposed to squeak when you push it Down, Down left and Down right?
mine squeaks a little bit and i find it weird that it only happens in the down, down left and Down right directions and not the others.

Also, i was playing Jamestown (shmup) w/ my brother, who was using the keyboard and i noticed that when i pull the stick down, my ship stutters down slowly, instead of doing down smoothly like what my brother got from using the keyboard, but it does move normally when going left, right, and up. It just moves really wierd when going down. Can i do anything about it?
I dont know if this problem relates to the squeaking or if the stick just acts this way on shmup games.


For the squeak problem, i had 2 new sanwa sticks squeak on me. But it got less noticeable as time passed.

what about the jamestown problem? is it normal??

Maybe a lubrication problem ? I use silicon-based lubricants for my sticks and never regretted it.

where can i get them?

Any DIY store

You think WD-40 would work in this situation?

mix you some KY jelly and Petroleum on that bitch and your problems be solved.