My sanwa microswitches are feeling less responsive


I have been playing a LOT of sf, and over the months, i think the micro switches have worn down. is there anyway to revitalize them? i tried sticking pieces of paper in them, but that barely works. i do want to avoid buying a new pcb.


You can just replace the micro switches.
Check out AkihabaraShop’s joystick accessories section. Scroll down until you see the jlf switches.


To replace or not to replace? THAT is the question!

I think it’s worth it to replace the switches IF you have buttons that are out of production like the original Seimitsu skeleton buttons or Pearl buttons…

Everything else – you make up your mind if it’s worth it to replace the microswitches.

My rule of thumb – if it costs over 25% of the original product you bought, and it’s something that’s easily replaceable – then it’s not worth it keeping the original frame (button).

The microswitches cost 2/3 the price of a new button. You decide whether that 33% “savings” is enough to warrant the switch by itself.

These are just regular switches that will wear out in the same time as your originals. Better microswitches are available that last longer and cost something on the order of $4 a piece(!) but, again, you decide if it’s worth it.


sl33p mentioned PCB.
So is talking about JLF.

sl33p doesn’t want to buy new TP-MA.
If don’t want to do that, I don’t think sl33p would want to buy new MS-O-2P.

So what must sl33p do?
I don’t know.


Go for broke. Once all your switches are dead, you can finally replace the PCB switches?


Maybe sl33p should sleep and not play sf4 anymore. There’s not really much of an option.
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Recommended maintenance (switch/spring replacement) on Sanwa products for arcades is every month. If your playing a ton, you’ve had the stick for a long time and your switches and/or springs are going bad… it’s time to replace them, there is no cheap option.


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just buy a new pcb they are only 12-13 bucks.


broke mother fucker :arazz:


Tried putting in a new spring?