My Sanwa Silent Clear Buttons OBSCS-30-S feel really loose. And one Hayabusa HHS-032 question

Hello all!

I have searched the forum for something related to my problem and it seems that no one has occured this problem or just don’t care about it.

I have ordered some clear silent 30mm Sanwa buttons and played a little with them on my 360 fightstick pro. I didn’t like the sponge to reduce the noice and to be honest i don’t care anymore about the loudness of the buttons so i removed the sponge in all of them. Normally my buttons should be the same as normal clear Sanwa 30mm buttons now, am i right? They feel really loose and the inner button is shaking a lot compered the classic Sanwa buttons which were in the fightstick before. Is this a common problem in all of the clear sanwa buttons? Or is it because i choose the silent ones? Maybe someone has a fix to let them feel like the original ones.

Also FYI: I have compared one button with one of the classic one and the inner button piece has not the same formfactor. It has a little less plastic then the classic one. Almost a little finner all around. Maybe it’s because it has to be silent or something.

Also i have one other question about the Hayabusa HHS-032 stick. I tried it for about half a year and in conclusion i like the stiffness of the JLF more. I thought 2lb spring could help me but holy shit it is to much stiffness XD. So which spring would bring this stick to the stiffness of the JLF and also have the smoothness of the Hayabusa? If it is possible of course ;P.

I have to ask for this things because, every time i order something Fightstick related i spend a lot of money to deliver the things to me :(. I live in germany and here aren’t any good shops about all these great modding pieces.

Also please excuse my bad english XP.

I’m pretty sure the jlf spring will fit in the hayabusa. You could just put the spring that comes with the jlf into the hayabusa

I already tried the JLF spring and its still to loose because of the lesser friction of the housing. The JLF spring should have a force of 0.9lb. The Hayabusa is 0.8lb spring. I think a spring about 1.2lb should be fine. Maybe some seimitsu springs can satisfy me.

Paradise Arcade Shop sells an array of custom weight JLF springs, including my personal favorite…1.5lb

Also, please post all future questions in the following thread. Thanks!

I’m sry. I didn’t know i have to post in the thread you mentioned. I will sure to do it next time.

Is the 1.5lb spring stronger than the ls32 and ls55 seimitsu springs? Do you have a list of of all the forces of the springs from various joysticks?

No worries. Sadly I don’t have access to such a list. However, I can say that a JLF w/ a PAS 1.5lb spring has noticeably more tension than a new LS-32