My SBO 2009 Highlight Video

note: there are no matches shown in this vid. I am very much against showing SBO vids because Enterbrain/Arcadia needs their DVDs to sell to justify the cost of running an event like that, so please don’t complain about no match vids. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, here it is: [media=youtube]x1Vou3onJoc[/media]

also if you go to my Capcom Unity blog you can find the same vid plus a long, long write-up on the event.

good stuff, much better than some professional pics that where taken…

ya dude that shit is tight! We should of pay’d you to to take the train there…har har har

Nice, how I wish I was there :frowning:

When the announcer guy hits the start button…the camera just can’t capture how loud that BOOM was. That shit was reverberating in our bones.

The production for SBO was incredible, they really made a good atmosphere.

On the other side of the cabs, while Kyabetsu and Gosho are celebrating, poor Nemo looks like someone just run over the family dog. I really felt bad for him.

karaleung is the smartest scammer this forum has seen. He’s so good in fact that most people don’t even know they were duped :looney:

What’s up with the guy wearing the fuerte mask that doesn’t even play him? LOL. That shit had me crackin up. Nice stuff here man!

1 question. do the players of the other games, even from the other days, show up to watch other game tourneys or are they basically in and out for their own tournament?


lol very nice footage also lol @ mask guy

nice. wish it was longer though.

FYI the masked el fuerte japanese dude is none other than Pino AB7, a well known 3s Necro player

good stuff. one day, one day i’ll go ahah

It’s not too late. Reno can put on some lipstick and we can pay him a couple of tugriks for it.

No fucking shit. I always wonder where these 3S players went to.

Very nice video. Good work.

Dope vid! Fuerte mask was awesome. Looks like a helluva event, I think I will now add attending this to my bucket list (i don’t really have a bucket list).

good stuff, dude. i just saw this on versus city. i really appreciate your coverage of the japanese fighting game scene.

Here’s some more Fuerte cosplay from Pino:

LOL hilarious

Funny shnit… really koo vid as well the only bad thing about it is that it made me wish i was there… :tup: