My sculpture thread

Just gonna throw up a thread to be updated as I move along with this piece. I’m doin Akuma in this pose

so here’s my progress so far. it’s not much but as I said I’ll be updating as I move along.

oh and a spidey I got started on earlier. I like to keep 2 sculpts goin at a time.

updates comin as I progress. thanks for lookin

lil more

only a bit of work on the arm atm. gogogo

Wow, looks dope so far! If you make him without his top part of his gi, then all the detail you put into his back, etc would be cool. Great work so far.

Keep up the keep up! :tup:

yeah, about halfway through the back I was like WTF, he wears a GI dammit. I guess I need to decide on the top part up or down :confused: My friend, whom I’m giving this to as a gift likes the Gi up soooo. I should have more progress tonight.

some progress

Would have a bit more finished but got sidetracked by this

what material is that you are using to sculpt with???

Super Sculpey. It’s pretty common in art/craft stores. I’m using regular as it’s the only type available around here. I really want to try the firm version. If you are gonna give it a try I’d suggest starting with firm. The regular gets mad soft when working with it.

How much does that “Super Sculpey” go for?

And great progress on the Akuma sculpture! I have a feeling that the final piece will rock some ass! :hope: Keep up the keep up! :tup:

You can get a 1lb box for anywhere from 7-12 bucks. Some places gouge ya for it so search around. carries it for 10 bucks a box I think.

This Akuma is looking great, I can see him emerging from the lump of clay already.


that’s awesome

looking sweet. and todd mcfarlane (i think) spider-man! :tup:

I think his toe looks perfect.

yup. ol’ Mcfarlane :slight_smile: thanks for the input. should have an update on the head soon.

head is started. needs much love but thought it was enough to show for now

strangly makes me feel hungry of a sudden :lol:

I think that just flew right over my head…

lol that last photo for some reason reminded me of toffees

Hopefully no toffee this time. lol

moving on to the ears/hair now. Sanding will get rid of those lines you see in his face.