My sculpture thread

looking goooood and very demonic!

That’s dope! :tup:

Needs more…cowbell. :wonder:

Damn, that is pimp. Looking forward to the finished product.


Lol the last picture really makes me hungry, toffeelicious :razz: .

That’s coming along very nicely.

Are you going to paint it as well?

well, the plans with akuma have changed. I sculpted the head too big for the damn body so he is now going to be a bust.

The base will be his TEN symbol. I only got back to work on him this eve due to meeting a new woman who ate up my time for a few weeks. Now that she’s outta the way I’m getting back into my routine. Hoping to finish him up this weekend then ebay his ass.

another update. I really gotta learn how to photograph these things. anyway…

Still to do:
Fix cracks
Top Knot
Fix some symmetry issues on face.

And I was wondering what you guys think about losing the shoulders completely? Like cut them off at the Gi. I’m thinkin it would probably look better that way.

EDIT: NM I already cut them off. If they need to be there I can always add them back on.

Wow nice job! :smiley: Are you going to use clay paint in the end? Hanzou asked but you didn’t reply.

About the bust: I really love the power that Akuma gives off. I think it’d be a bad idea to lose his shoulders simply because they help give him his presence. His head is scary but not enough.

Not sure If I’m gonna paint him up or not. I’m gonna try to ebay him and think it might be nice to give the owner the choice of Gi color etc… I already chopped the shoulders off :confused: I’ll post pics w/o them in a few. Like I said I can add them back on later.
EDIT: new pics

major cracks from baking and symmetry issues on the face but I’m still goin at it :confused:

hey man you way over baked it…i’m new to sculpting but it seems like you go to detail before getting all the form down. i’ll post some of mine so i’m not just some dick.

nah, I actually get the form then do detail. It’s just that this piece was totally different looking than what you see here now. I canned the original look and am just tryin to salvage the rest. Won’t be an issue with the baking. Aves epoxy sculpt and some sanding will shape it right up. That front view pic is awful also. The flash killed any detail in it. Oh well, it’s all a learning experience. Post some of your stuff up. I’m always down for seein other peeps work. Oh, since you are gettin into this stuff also, you might wanna check this place out. This is probably gonna replace sculpey for me

Got 3lbs of the 360 wax coming. Be sure to check out the video demos. Looks like it’s fun.

Ive always wanted to get into this. Sculpting figures / models / sets. The clay I buy at Michaels is alright, but its hard to get detail in, its so maliable and squishy, eats up my finger prints. Is there a kind of wax out there to sculpt with that can be hardened later like a typical model or statue?

Super sculpey. If you want something more firm get sculpey Firm, it’s grey in color. You could always go the wax route though. I can’t wait for my shipment to get here. Watch this vid and see what you think. This is the 360 wax. This guy makes several different types though
360 vid here:

oh and your fingerprint problem can be solved by using a bit of alcohol on a brush and running it over the sculpt. not too much or it’ll liquefy your piece.

I still think yours looks very nice. Keep going at it! And the ebay things a nice idea but let me know when you do << I’d buy it :slight_smile:

every time i look at i kept thinking something was missing… THE BEADS! lol. are you saving them for last? it’s lookin mighty good btw.

I’m lookin at the beads right now. Already baked, will be drillin the holes tomorrow. don’t worry I wouldn’t forget those. I’ve also done some work on the nose etc… So new pics to come tomorrow.


bout 10 mins of work on Guile. Akuma is still top priority but thought I’d see what I could throw down with him. BTW, anyone know how to edit thread titles? I’d like just a general title like Wombat. my goal is to complete sculpts of the male characters since the only thing you see from Japanese kit makers are the females. sure it’s not the same quality(yet) but at least I’m gonna give it a try.

Ask Rook. He is the moderator. :stuck_out_tongue:

beads and some face work. still needs some sanding but I’m out of sandpaper atm :confused: