My SE Finally Broke :( - Punching Joystick

After 3 months, my SE broke. I thought my brother was just imagining things when he tried backdashing with Cammy and threw out 2 jabs instead. While screwing around with Dan, I realized doing JUST the QCF motion pulls out a friggin’ EX hadouken. I do the DP motion out comes a EX DP. I do 2x QCF and out comes Dan’s ultra. Note that all these were done with movement ONLY from the joystick, I didn’t even touch the buttons.

Does anyone know what’s wrong with it? PCB? Joystick? Buttons? If so, do you guys think it’s about time I ordered the new parts I was going to order anyway?

PS. I looked at the stickies and searched before I made a new thread. Sorry if I didn’t search hard enough ._.

my SE’s joystick stopped working altogether…i had a jfl in it and i thought it was the jfl, i put the stock one back and still nothing…oh…down back works still for some reason…so i can still block :smiley:

Mad Crapz products suck =/.

now now, don’t hate :open_mouth: They did help with the TE yenno >_>

Ya, they helped put in a shitty PCB with good arcade parts. The only reason the TE is good is the design and the fact that 90% of the parts aren’t Mad Crapz.

So is it the PCB or what o.o

Yes, it’s the PCB. If you’re still covered under warranty, then I suggest you call Madcatz. Otherwise… buy a Chuthlu and rewire your entire stick.

dammit -_-" It never came with a warranty. MAD CAAAAAAAATZ!!! Also, thanks L ^^

Sounds like something is shorting between 3x Punch and your right/left input, definitely PCB… There should be a warranty whether or not you got any info.

haha I’ll just buy a cthulhu, they are much more reliable from what I’ve heard.

Since my pcb just died like Kte03’s, should i part out my SE, or should i keep the case and build from there?

Keep the case, fool.
It’s got a proper mounting bracket & 30mm holes, what more do you want?

i was thinking of starting from scatch just for fun…you’re real nice by the way :stuck_out_tongue: