My SE turbos are stuck?

I’m not even sure any of you had this problem before but it’s strange to me when I couldn’t find my own answer on Google. Does anyone ever encounter a problem where your turbos on your SE are forced enabled whenever you plugged the SE to the USB? I know the settings to enable and disable them but I couldn’t disable the damn turbos. I try this both on PC and PS3 no luck.

I kept thinking to myself the last time it works is about a week ago when I was playing SSF4, then all of a sudden, I update my PS3 today to 3.55 and this thing lights up. I didn’t notice if the turbos was already on prior to the update.

Can anyone fill me in on this? a friend told me my PCB might have died out… but if there’s any solution to fix or desoldier the turbos, by all means please help.

Make sure the guide lock (It’s a lock sign on your stick is switched to open lock).

Make sure it is unlocked and plugged in.

Once it is plugged in press and hold the turbo button down. After about 8-12 seconds they will flash once and all the lights will turn off.

This should disable turbo settings.


Just the answer I was looking for, Thank you so much Markman for taking your time.

I like to bother you with one more question in related to MadCatz:
I was wondering if we ever going to see a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) deal in the future for TEs/SEs again? I missed out on the NEC promo due to work and I’m hoping, praying that a similar deal might happen again in the future.

Sorry, I don’t think we will do that deal again. We only extended it/added it for NEC XI as I know ppl missed out on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

I don’t know when I’ll start doing promos again but it will be in 2011 for sure.