My semi-useless combo

cornered (or almost cornered) opponent:

jump in HK (or HP), cHP, cancel 1st hit into HK tackle, xx LP Aegis, LK Tackle, cHP, MK tackle, EX Tackle, HK Tackle (xx Aegis if you have meter for more pressure).
You have to do the LK tackle asap, else the Aegis ends and the cHP is getting blocked.

16 hits, and does 85 points against Ryu, and requires less than a meter to start it.
Does decent stun, too.

The only problem is that I can’t see much opportunities to land it in a serious match :frowning:

(maybe after a stun? it looks stilish it least, and if you have already stunned the opponent the combo is likely KOing him)

after a crush -> JP aegis in the corner, you can always follow with a MK crush then low HP. It’s also possible to do a RK crush then low HP, but the timing’s tight.

this will help you increase the damage of your combo by a few points.

thanks, I’ll try later to see how much I can add.

ok, with MK tackle after the aegis it deals 86 points; with HK tackle it reaches 88.
Using the HK tackle to start the corner juggle instead of MK tackle deals the exact same damage and it’s harder to time, so I stick with MK tackle after launching with cHP.
The damage is there, and it’s not too meter wasting (less than a full bar), neither hard to execute.
Now, landing it in a match… besides stun… maybe baiting a throw…

Here’s another sexy combo (semi useless because there are many better combos out there).

corner, low fierce, ex crush, MP fireball, SK crush -> JP aegis.