My SF IV Arcade Stick problem


I apologize if this has been covered, I tried to do a search but couldn’t find anything. If it is already covered, mod, please merge this to the appropriate thread.

I just got the SF IV arcade stick, and I think either the stick or the PCB is defective. My problem is that if I push/hold left and then move to up/left diagonal, the stick will not register the diagonal. I tested this extensively in SFIV training. Sometimes it works, but most time it doesn’t. Is this something I can fix/replace the stick with Sanwa/etc or is this a PCB problem?

Needless to say, I am very disappointed as I cannot jump reliably in game!


First, make sure the stick is plugged in.

If it is properly plugged in, turn the switch to the DP setting on the Turbo panel. If that also fails, plug it into a PC and see if the directional inputs register under gaming devices in control panel.


the best thing to do is test it out on a computer since it shows you the calibration in the screen. i tested mine and found out that my pcb is bad.

also you got to remember that madcatz makes crappy sticks. so just in case start looking for parts


If you hold up, does it register as continuous jumping. If you hold down and left and guard, does it continuously block?


Yes, each direction holds. I am going to plug it in computer and see.


Plugged it in computer, and sure enough, it has the same problem.

Holding left and move to U/L, the diagonal does not register.

Holding up and move to U/L, diagonal register fine.

Crap :frowning:

EDIT: Sometimes, L to U/L works, like 40% of the time. WTF. I hope it is just a stick problem and I can replace it.


I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I just discovered my ps3 te pcb has a bridged solder joint. Thanks to shoddy manufacturing. If I hit X, it would register as X and O. Gonna have to re-solder it correctly. You should definitely look to see if you see anything abnormal.

Edit: Just finished re-soldering everything and that was the problem.


is a madcatz one? because madcatzh is crap.

my TE died three weeks after buying it. It seems their pcbs are made of crap, pure crap.


yup, it is the madcatz one. Seems like madcatz’s quality is still iffy. :frowning:


your problem is that you bought something from madcatz and expected it to work