My SF3 3rd strike gameplay video...plz rank

hey wasup was bored and made a video of me playing CPU at all stars… sorry not that good but its just CPU so u know, and where im from nobody plays SF other then my brother and he plays 3rd strike like it was SF2 LOL. anyways if watched feel free to leave me any comments good or bad and also any advice would be good to, thinking about going to the next evo tourny when is it anyways??? oh yea feel free to rank me too, i give myself a C grade even though CPU says S rank LOL.

thanks for looking…

I will have a look.

First of all, All stars doesn’t make them hard, Sort of…
… It only Makes you take more damage and cpu take less…
So er yeah… I Dunno, I might do the same thing… Lol.


Good mind games!!

I don’t know what’s worse: A. Someone actually recorded themselves playing through against the cpu. B. The laggy HDTV used to do so. C. The fact that the TV is a Vizio. D. The fact that I actually watched this.

Don’t get angry, but I was hoping for an Ibuki upset. Your zoning is good and mix-ups are great. Execution can be improved, of course, that’s the biggest difference between Pro-players and intermediate.

execution is not the difference between pros and intermediate. real intermediate has pretty flawless execution, pros have flawless execution and mindgame you to fuck and back even when you think you are playing very smarty.

Great Demo.

eh…i actually want people to help me with my game play too ``

You cant learn anything apart from combos and parrying by playing the CPU.

If you wanna know how you would do against a real player in versus mode… then record some versus games :wink:

thx for ur advice, i don’t play against CPUs much … i mainly play against human players. =D i may just start a new thread and post some videos on youtube =D


I rank you as a 3/10. :tup:


that’s the dumbest shit I ever heard…

How the fuck do you do mixups against the cpu?

:shake: you should rank me 10/10 like chun does … lol
and come play more often!!

Chun: we need to record more matches `` and i gotta show u the prince of tennis game too … hehe

p.s. how did u guys have very long rep bars… mine is like a dot`` lol

im mad tempted to sig this…

Don’t try to steal my credit! We all know Chun ranks ME as 10/10! And Chun, because you’re a Mathie, I give you pi/10. :smiley:

And now I want to see this Prince of Tennis game too!