My SF4 TE stick stopped working, I need help!


The bottom row, 3rd white button from the left.

I opened it up, and made sure everything was correct, and everything seems fine.
How do I fix it?
I thought of replacing the button with the select button, thus making the select button void…but I don’t know how to unhook it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…I don’t want my stick to be broken :frowning:

Please help me guys.


It may be the PCB problem of the triggers. It’s a known problem with madcatz PCBs to stop working with the triggers. There isn’t really a known fix, but a workaround is to unplug the two wires from your fourth punch button, and plug them into the defective button. Then your button will be remapped to LB (making it MvC default). You can replace the PCB just fine, but that requires actually having a spare madcatz PCB from another TE or SE. You could replace with a different 360 PCB, but you can’t simply unplug the wire harnesses from the old PCB and plug into the new one.

You can’t put the select button in place of the other button, the select button is 24mm, the one there is 30mm

Just to verify, if you touch the two wires that were connected to your heavy punch button together (metal to metal), does it no longer work?


I don’t know NONE of this terminology you speak of, I also don’t know how to do anything. i open the stick and I’m a retard, NOTHING.

Could you PLEASE PLEASE give me simple steps on how to do this? I’m in such trouble here.


Okay. PCB is short for Printed Circuit Board. It is the main board that controls everything, basically. Now, the PCB made by madcatz is known to fail in the triggers, and there isn’t a known fix other than to replace the board with a different one to completely fix the problem. That being said, there is a way to work around it, and that’s to move the wires on your buttons around.

First off, to ensure that it isn’t a button problem, find the wires that were connected to your Heavy kick button (the one that was failing). If they are still connected to the button, pull them off.

If you don’t know which set it was and have already removed them, follow all of the wires connected to the buttons to a block-like strip. This is the barrier strip that is connected to the PCB. Now, look at the strip, and in the middle the sets of wires have the letters of the buttons molded into them. Find the RT pair of wires, they should be the same color. Now, follow them back up, and pull back the plastic sleeves that are on them. Touch the two metal tabs together. If it doesn’t work, then you likely have the common madcatz PCB trigger fail problem.

If it does work, then find a different button and disconnect its existing wires and plug in the RT wires into the new button. Then push this button to verify if it works. If it does, you need to buy a replacement button (Or buttons if you want to get a color scheme going) Sanwa 30mm Snap-In Buttons In the meantime, you can use a small flathead screwdriver to take out any of the face buttons by pushing the two tabs inward and pushing the button out, then move it to the Heavy Kick position, and plug the RT wires back into that button. Do this same process with a replacement button.

If the touching of the two metal tabs doesn’t work, then it is likely the madcatz PCB problem, and there isn’t a known fix. The way that you can work around it is to pull out the two wires from the fourth punch button (RB), and plug them into your Heavy Kick button (RT). Then you will now have the Heavy kick button as RB (instead of RT, but you can re-map controls in game), and instead of being street fighter default, it will now be MvC default. It’s the only known workaround without replacing the PCB.

I hope that clarifies a bit better.


I basically gave up.

I tried one more time to fix it the only way I knew how…I reset the game, and unplugged, and then re-plugged the controller and I kid you not it started working again.

Before that though I checked all the wires and made sure everything was tight, I TRIED to unplug the wires and switch with another button not knowing if it would work or not but couldn’t even do that. The only thing I could manage was making sure everything was tight…so if this stick ever happens to break again, for whatever reason…I’m REALLY fucked. I DO NOT have money for another one.


Thanks for your help. Question, what do you mean touching the 2 metal parts together? I didn’t see any of that when I was inside my stick, I need easier descriptions sadly :([nevermind, I re-read what you wrote and I think I understand.]
ok so when I touch them together what am I looking to happen, and or not happen? that’s the part I’m failing to understand.

“then find a different button and disconnect its existing wires and plug in the RT wires into the new button”

How do I do that? I tried un-plugging, but it wouldn’t work. How do I use the flat head screwdriver? what 2 tabs? I’m sorry…I’m such a newb at this.

So worst comes to worst, I lose my 4th buttons right? for future reference…if this happens again right?

I really appreciate the effort and time you put forth to help me by the way, thank you very much.

BTW, I saw those color buttons, and I do wanna mod my stick…and get very colorful…is it easy even for someone like me to do?


Yes, it is a very easy replacement process. If you are able to move your button from one hole to another, then you will be able to swap out the colors. It is probably the second easiest thing to do, the first being swapping a joystick, because you just unscrew the old stick and unplug one harness, and screw in another.

Yes, worst comes to worst, you won’t have your fourth buttons.

What you are looking for when you touch the two pieces of metal together is for RT to be “pressed”. Internally, this is what pushbuttons do whenever you push them down, they connect the two wires together, and it goes to the PCB, which then tells the system what to do. So, if your button was simply broken, you would be able get RT to work by touching the two metal tabs together. However, if it doesn’t work, then it would likely be because the PCB is having a problem, and Madcatz PCBs are known to fail in the triggers. There is no way to fix this without replacing the PCB.

However, the way to work around it is to move the wires connected to your fourth punch button to your Heavy kick button. You simply unplug the wires from the fourth punch button and plug them back into the heavy kick button. Now your heavy kick button will be RB instead of RT, and your fourth punch will be RT. You will have to remap button settings in game.

However, if touching the two wires works, then your button is just dead, and you can replace it. I just meant while you wait, you could remove one of your other buttons and move it to its place if you’d like to still use your stick while waiting.

These are the tabs, on the top and bottom, where my fingers are:

They hold the buttons in, but you need to push them in with a screwdriver to remove the button:

If it is a button problem, you can take one of your other buttons, push the tabs in (Do this by pushing one side in, and gently pushing it up enough that the metal panel will hold it in while you push the other tab inwards, then push the button up and out. You don’t need to push the tabs when placing it, simply push it down, and it will snap into place, hence why they are called “snap in” buttons), and move your temporary replacement button in the place of the broken one. Then place the wires of the RT back onto the metal lugs of your replacement button.

If you are able to move a single replacement button, you’re qualified enough to replace all of your buttons. However, I have a feeling it’s more likely the madcatz PCB just screwing up. But I wanted to make sure that I had a solution if it was simply your button breaking.


hey man thanks for your help. youre very thorough in everything here… im going to read over this later when i have some study time and learn…because im not in the mood for it now. you took the time to take pictures for me… i feel special.

do you know much about stick customization? some time this year from idk how much scratch i wanna build my own vision of a sick looking stick with 6 buttons that works great for me.

another problem im having is a loose ball thingy[no friggin clue what its called] is there a way for me to fix that? i mean its mega loose… like a 60 yr whore


I know just about everything when it comes to conventional mods. I can’t help you with woodworking and actually making a case, but there are some excellent case makers already here. I’ve made sticks out of tupperware, though. Heh.

It is called a balltop. What usually fixes it is if you go underneath the panel, your JLF will look like this:

Not exactly because it is a slightly different model JLF. But stick a large flathead screwdriver at the bottom, and twist the balltop. That should tighten it up. If it constantly comes loose, you could look into some loctite to (semi) permanently securing it.


see i did that already, tightening it…but it didn’t seem to work. i looked on youtube and this one guy took apart even more, and found a spring and lengthened it, and it seemed to work for him he said… what do you think? and thanks for the visuals…they help us newbs


Oh do you mean the joystick itself is loose as in not enough tension? If you want a stiffer stick you can replace the spring with an LS-55 spring. Seimitsu LS-55 Spring

Or if you mean it’s loose as in the shaft spins around, that’s how it’s supposed to be.


It is supposed to freely spin. Of course, the balltop isn’t to spin independently of the shaft. You can add in a new spring if you want it to react more tightly. Generally, people either replace the spring with a new one, or add in a second spring.


no its unnaturally loose. my friend also has a te stick, and he is ok… but my is wayyyy too loose

its so loose to the point of the grooves? to be really emphasized when doing moves
lioke for example, fei longs chicken wing df, to uf, i really gotta get it in there cause its all over the place, know what i mean?


Oh, I see. You should just look into getting a JLF replacement spring: Sanwa JLF-SP Spring

However, I have seen that the pivot cylinder getting crushed has caused the JLF to sometimes become loose, too. Worth picking up for $1. Sanwa JLF-P-4 Pivot Cylinder


how do i install that white thingy lol


Lift up the the dust cover, it’s right under there, you will have to remove the actuator + e clip (you need to do this anyway to change the spring) and then you can pull the shaft out and replace it.


ok thank you both, im gonna dissect my stick later and learn it… instead of this 20 questions game


Here is how to take apart. I didn’t want to take JLF out of a friend’s tupperware stick I made him, but I hope it will suffice.

Fisrt, get to bottom to remove e-clip:

Now, use small screwdriver to pry into e-clip:

I twist it sideways to get it loose. Now, all the pieces will fall apart into this:

Now, place pivot cylinder (replacement or the original) on shaft like so:

Put back onto base (I am putting on the shaft cover later):

Now, time for spring cover.

Place in with the smaller end facing outward:

Spring time. Time to place replacement.

Now, put on the actuator, small end facing out.

Now, you need to push actuator down to replace E-clip.

Push E-clip back in place.

All done.


so I stretched my spring out, notice a bit of difference I think…maybe I should of stretched it more?
learned about the inside of the joystick a little… took about 3-4 hours.

I was dropping pieces everywhere, worst part was inside of the joystick case…that is annoying to get out.

I learned about how everything goes together and comes about[when it comes to the ball top part]
I took out one button from the stick to see how it works, was a bit difficult because…well I’m just an artard, we’ll go with that.
Understood where I was pulling those silver metal things of the gold metal…and not thinking to pull out the gold with silver.

Thank you so much for the help and visuals btw, they were of great help to me. I’ve got alot to learn I think.


Stretching or compressing the spring will change the feel.

I’m glad you learned something, though it was a hard time.

Maybe you could be the next great modder. You already have done more replacing a spring than most button/stick swappers can attest do doing! Heh.