My SF4 Tribute Art!

Hi guys, I am new to this forum but not to SF4. I am a SG players so i am very good if i say so
Anyhow, I am an aspiring professional artist and so here is my sf4 tribute art. If I would have known about the contest, I would have submitted the art.
Anyways, I am very proud of this art. I will use it as part of my professional portfolio. Took me about three weeks, counting the idea, planning, drawings, painting and rendering.

So after reading all suggestions and comments from all of you, I went back to redesigning it! IMO it is much better, more dramatic, what I wanted to achieve from the beginning. Enjoy!!

You got skills, does are nice!!!

the original is nice imo, the splatter looks kind of tacked on to the drawing. looks awesome though.

thnx, after awhile, ur right it does look kind of pasted into the art and it looks too much. But i still like it, I think iwill lessen and make it more ingrained into art. thnx again^_^

Nice art, Ryu kinda looks funky though, lol.

good stuff

Looks incredibly fierce, my friend. A rather dark outlook on the conflict with it’s own unique style.

Good stuff.

thnx a lot dude, greatly apprceiated!

looks really good. Only thing that bothers me is Akuma’s left arm.

Have you ever made any balrog (boxer) or guile art? I like your stlye and would be interested in seeing other works.


thanks dude.
No, unfortunately no balrog or guile art yet. Balrog seem interesting though, Might think about it more.
As of right i’m working on a Super Metroid art. I’ll post it here when done.

I’m impressed, I personally like the original version as without the splatters seems to give it a more ‘clean’ look, imo.

Thanks for the comment and suggestion friend^_^.

I believe the nonsplatter version was the most popular one here! Thanks guys!

Rugged. It looks like Ken is still conscious in his broken body. The form is the best part of it with Ken’s limbs twisted about and Ryu’s muscles tensed in desperation. LOL, he wanted a challenge and he finally got one. I think Ken will be a little less cocky after the physical therapy treatments.

You should do more with that same dark style.

Awesome. I’m impressed. Both look good to my eyes. Keep up the good work.

Akuma has two right hands? His left hand is mirrored it seems.

i like the non splatter version. good job

Re-edited. Thank you guys for comments! :slight_smile:

This is really ood, the glow around them is great.

Very impressive. Ryu’s neck seems a little long, but none-the-less, very very impressive.