My SFAC Stick

So I got my SFAC stick, and yes those buttons are totally crap. I’ve got some Happ parts on order - everything I’ll need except for the crimper, I think.

I’d like to move the start/select buttons to the back, but might put it off, since I don’t really have a lot of tools.

Also I figure I might as well replace the artwork, while I’m at it. Here’s a mockup of what it’ll look like.

I’m going by the arcadestickmonk guide, anything else I should look out for? Otherwise, I’m just a few days, a little work, and an adapter away from gaming excellence. Get the Total Control connector, right?

I rustled up a couple other pictures for art, but I think I’m going with the one above. I’d love to have a few different ones to swap in and out, but it seems like a pain to open the thing up, so there’s probably no point. Am I gonna get hated on for not having a picture of a video game / comic book character or an animu girlie? UNYUNZ 4 LIEF.

that is by far the most randomest arcade stick art i’ve ever seen. But it’s making me hungry.

Onions are delicious. One time, I made an onion sandwich. It had roast beef, cheddar cheese, mayo, mustard, minus onions.

You’ll be reflying in no time.

my mom still eats mayo sandwhiches to this day.

This might be the first time you cry even if you win a match :slight_smile:

sorry I couldnt help myself…

Grant, I have modded these a lot. They are not too bad. If we meet up in person we can get working on it real quick.

Sweet. I might take you up on that.

My parts are currently in the mail. Hopefully they’ll be here soon. I think I’ve got everything I need, except for a crimper for the terminals. So unless you’ve got one to lend, I’ll go find a shop nearby. Shouldn’t set me back too much, and I hear there’s an electronics hobby shop near where I live.

Oh, and I gotta get my onions printed.