My SFIV TE joystick usb cable broke how to fix?

my dumbass friend pinched the cable on my joystick and it doesnt work anymore.
is there anyway to reconnect the wires?
is this something that i can do?
i tried to reconnect it but nothing happened.
and there is also this extra copper wire that seems to surround the rest of the inner wires.

any suggestions would help so much!

Is it just the breakaway cable portion that broke?

If so, you can just get another cable from another wired 360 controller and use that.

sorry i dont know what a breakaway cable is… =/
but it was a clean cut about 6 inches from the joystick box.
and its a ps3 stick… =?

Well, if it has been cut, your only option is to solder it back cutting the broken part or call madcatz to ask what they can do.
If you can you post a picture we could understand the extent of the damage.

so yea… its a bit messy cause i tried to connect the wires. but just imagine it was like someone had cut the cable with scissors.

O sorry… It’s a PS3 stick.

I would check with Mad Catz tech support. Usually the warranty won’t cover user damage, but give em a call, they might be able to help you out.

Or find a friend / family member or someone you know that has technical skills and solder those wires back together, don’t forget to insulate them or they will short out.
You could use a euro terminal strip to screw them down and connect them back together i think?

Also, be sure to remember to kick your friend in the balls.

so you definitely have to solder then?
and im not sure what you mean by insulate them? with what?
haha sorry ive never had to do anything like this… euro terminal strip? screw what down?
sorry sorry sorry.

yea… he’s banned from using any of my sticks. that asshole.

If you know how to solder, you can do one of two thinks:
1, the ugly way, is to re-attach the cable were it broke, obviously you need to insulate them with those heat-shrinking insulators tubes (I can’t remember how they’re called in english, sorry)
edit: I found some example pictures googling:

2, the better way, is to resolder the cable directly to the pcb. You’ll have a shorter cable, but it won’t look broken.

If you don’t know how to solder, don’t do the second, you could damage the pcb.
Also, don’t do number one if you can’t insulate the cables, or it will damage the pcb if it shorts.

This is an Easy fix even if you don’t know how to solder.

  1. Go buy a long piece (about 12") of small heat shrink tubing (slightly larger diameter than the size of each individual wire)
    cost: 1-4 USD

  2. Buy a small piece (about 4" long, estimate the length of the exposed wires then make it 1" longer on both sides) of heat shrink tubing that is slightly larger than the diameter of the entire black cable.
    cost: 1-4 USD
    You’ll also need a soldering iron and a little bit of solder. Borrow that sheeyat.

  3. Slide the larger heat shrink piece over one end of the entire cable it push it down so its out of the way

  4. cut the thinner heat shrink into 1/2 inch pieces

  5. Next is the soldering, one at a time do the following for each wire:
    A) strip off a little bit of the colored insulation from each individual wire
    B)Slide one of the 1/2" pieces of heat shrink over one end of a colored wire.
    C) Find the matching color wire and twist it together with the same color
    D) place a tiny bit of solder on the iron, then touch the iron to the exposed twisted wire, and then simultaneously touch a strand of solder to the twisted wires. The solder should flow into the twisted wires and bond them permanently.
    E) slide the heat shrink that you put on the individual wire over the new soldered joint, and shrink it in place with a lighter (dont do it too long or youll burn it)
    F)Repeat for each colored wire.

You should have a bundle that looks like this:

  1. After you have done that for each individual wire, unplug your soldering iron. Slide the larger piece of heat shrink down over the bundle of now soldered (and individually insulated) wires. Line it up so it covers them evenly in the center, and then hit it quickly with a lighter, it will shrink up and protect (insulate) the entire bundle of wires.

It will look like this (but yours will look much better because the black will blend in)

  1. slap your friend

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Dude, bring your stick to my house, we might be able to salvage it. Dana has soldering tools ok.


Did I mention you should kick your friend in the balls?

I would try soldering that or find someone who has alot of soldering skills to fix that one. That looks like someone tried cutting it with his teeth.

Keep mentioning it and maybe it’ll get through. :lol:

I could fix that if you lived close

Wow great friend…

I would do the fix that Mekishiko has detailed. It should be quite easy with only 4 wires and shield to connect.

you can sorlder it back to the pcb or just your can solder the wire back together on the iside of the case so you dont have it sticking out on the outside. I cut the TE wire and attached it to a mini usb cable

Phil, I would suggest doing what post #11 said. It is the best way. Several smaller heat-shrinks and one larger one to go over the main cord after you’re done.

yea. this sounds like the most reasonable way to do this.
doesnt hurt to try. thanks a bunch man!!! =)
wish me luck haha