My short film...


Earlier this year I made a short film for campus movie fest at GSU. It ended up taking best picture and making top 16 at the national level and them moving on and making top 16 at the international grand finale. Technically it should be in the video section but watch the main fight scene and you will see why i posted it here. enjoy!



Good stuff man I thought it was very creative, loved the club scene where you start snatching girls from their guys LoL. I was laughing the whole time.


thanks man glad u enjoyed it.


That was quite amusing, but I don’t think it belongs in the Street Fighter forums.


I love the reaction from the black guy in the club scene!!

A++, would watch again.


I Shin Shoryuken!!!


Nice, but it really should be in one of the art related boards instead. Shuffling it over.


that was funny(especially the coffee part & the wax on/wax off post its). XD