My Shuma strategies

Hey, SRK. I noticed that the Shuma board, as well as most of the MvC2 boards, are looking kind of pale. I suppose I can put a little life into Shuma for others’ benefit.

My team is Shuma, Iron Man, and Spidey.

Chaos Dimension is a level 3 super, which tends not to do as much damage as preferable. However, if you call in Spidey, Thanos, or any other capture character, you’ve got scary potential. Say a Ken screws up a shoryuken. As he’s falling, call in your captor to nab him. During the capture you can activate Chaos Dimension, then jump in lk, mk, land, lk, mk, sj, lp, lk, mp, and then heavy punch (The Chaos Dimension combos at this point!).

It doesn’t stop there, though.

After Chaos Dimension, if you’re lucky you’ll have an OTG opportunity. You can lk, mk and do an air combo. This usually land people in the corner after the haos Dimension if you use an up-aimed HP at the end of your air combo! After they land, I’ve got another OTG in and lk, mk one more time. However, from this point I couldn’t sj. I’ll give you more developments after I mess around more. Given, I also just found this on someone’s Gamefaqs faq as well, so shame on us if we didn’t check. And boo for me thinking I found something new. This combo will rape Akuma or other ultra low-life characters, though.

I also find Shuma’s hk to be an affective jump-in attack with decent priority. It’s good for knocking down the occasional mistake, but don’t try taking down any shoryukens.

Crystal Smash is a decent drop in of sorts, but I really find it useful for annoying friends in casual play.

Mystic Stare is a mixed bag. It’s not a beam, which is a very bad thing for Shuma players since MvC2 seems to not reward projectiles. However, if you can get his assist version of this to hit and then turtle, they’ll be taking extra damage.

Mystic Smash isn’t a good one for me. It isn’t really safe, but it does some nice damage. I never use it unless I have a punishment opportunity, and even then I’ll usually go for a capture assist and then a combo.

Devitalization is a nice command throw, although I prefer the energy drain normal throw. Either one is usually used by me if I have the chance.

I hope these are some relatively decent ideas. I usually just kinda flow with Shuma, so maybe everything I just typed is the opposite of what I do and I have no idea what I’m talking about. I hope that’s not the case.

One thing you didn’t mention is that chaos dimension can grab people out of block stun. So I thought an obvious partner for shuma would be doom AA.

also it can be linked into and out of combos


Mystic Smash isn’t a good one for me. It isn’t really safe, but it does some nice damage. I never use it unless I have a punishment opportunity, and even then I’ll usually go for a capture assist and then a combo.

well i use this to stop alot of sents cuz alot of times they like to fly

yea hey im trying to get better with him and i really need to play more players with him so any one in calif/the bay area that knows how to play with him im open to play any one out there

Another cool, (But maybe useless and widely known) thing I found out from one of Mike Z’s videos is that Shuma sort of has an unblockable. If you manage to land even just one eye, you can switch, alpha counter, or DHC out, the eye explodes even if they are blocking. Sort of ghetto, but sometimes it works at the arcade and sometimes it doesn’t… Maybe it depends on the version?

well it works some times your right about that

I was wondering if any of you have any information on shumas infinite? I heard he has one but its near impossible according to the person that informed me of it. thanks.

Usually after I get the OTG after an aircombo in the corner, I prefer to do LK, HK. You can get a few more hits in that way, and they don’t have a chance to recover like they do after you knock them into the air with a MK. When they are recovering (in the corner) I like to jump HK(which is indeed great) and call in Doom for some free chip. You can get a Devitalise to hit if you do it between the 2 waves of rocks if they are just sitting there as well. Because they aren’t in blockstun in between the waves.

Shuma’s Eyeball assist seems to sorta blow, the eyeballs don’t stick, they just do damage. His expansion assist is indeed good for smacking a flying sentinel, and also nicely hits a tri-jumping Mags or Storm. It’s not GREAT or anything, but I think it is his best assist.

edit: here’s his infinite, from the post directly under this one if you “show all threads since beginning”

In-corner: launch, sj.lp,, sj.up + hp, as the opponent and you are still falling, up + hp again, land, then [, j.up + hp]. Repeat what’s in the brackets.

Though apparantly this is better [lp mk, LIL PAUSE,l p, u+HP], after the same set-up.

I’ve found both to be ridiculously hard, and have never gotten more than a couple reps…