My sim replay just got on xbox live



A recent dhalsim replay just got uploaded on xbox live 30 mins ago a the time of writing. My gt is : SolidSoul650x

I beasted a ryu 1st round then ended in a fireball turtle fest.


record it and put it in the video thread would b cool to see



Sim vs. Ryu G2 Championship Mode


lol that G2 play =/, that ryu sucked, and you jump back a bit to much, but thats just what i think. nice though i think in future u should post in the video thread people give good critique in there


punish hurricane kick with db.hp.
You should win a Fireball war punishing him with s.hp.
You’re lucky he absolutely don’t know how to do against teleport… :wink:


first off all you did the who match is fierce, please stop.
you don’t use any other footsies and i didn’t see a single tower or focus.
you jump to much, you need to understand that you never need to jump with sim since he does not need it.
Then again this is G2.
Also you should use some fakes and get closer to Ryu by using your slides.


Unless you mean jump in, you’ve lost your goddamned mind.


no jump, sim has many tricks to just stay on the ground.


i agree =o


So I guess your saying there is no need for the instant overhead (J.Back+hp) just so you can mix it up because all of his normals besides Back+lp can be blocked crouching…


too much instant teleporting for no reasonnn and i was really hoping u’d burn ur super meter to kill him at the end, u had several chances to


jump back fierce is good against crouching opponents, but it gets predictable when you play higher class opponents.


You pretty much missed in my post to MIX IT UP in the gameplay. You know, to keep them guessing. Dhalsim not only has a really good (zoning) ground/horizontal game. But also a pretty decent high/low game.

Any person can catch on to predictability… That’s pretty much a given.


Thanks for the input. I suppose I’ll learn/practice all that when I find my way to G1.


If you’re predictable you’re obviously not mixing it up. Also, you can’t even tiger knee without jumping, making your teleport shenanigans half as effective.


How to do the instant overhead??

Like the title says, I’m having trouble with this attack (J.Back+hp). Every time I try it I get his jumping head butt instead or he’s too high up to hit the crouching opponent.

Is there a trick to the timing?



edit: oh, instant overhead?

which one do you want? the headbutt or the stretchy arms? if stretchy arms, jump back press stick to forward, fierce. if headbutt, sounds like you’re doing it right.

pretty much just try to do it as low to the ground as possible, as soon as you press up go to the headbutt or stretchy limbs position you need to get the normal and press the button. if you’ve ever triangle jumped you know what I’m talking about.

IE: Magneto, Rufus.


lol. G1 is any better? nah, not really.


Stop hitting back right after you leave the ground


I’m not a pro or anything but I think you jump way too much and IAT too much also, I don’t know how G1 is on xbox live but you wouldn’t find many opponents to fall so easily of the IAT.

also during the firebal war all his fireballs could be easily predicted to go in of the bnb combo with super.

I should try to get my match on youtube for some criticism lol. have one uploaded on PSN with a ryu.