My site, Fighting Game Legacy, is born!

Site’s pretty dope. Needs more animated gifs though!

i wanna see some flaming bars, and make sure u throw up some under construction animated gifs so people know ur working on stuff!

i want an under construction gif avatar now…

btw SSJ_Sonikku, besides buying a domain through godaddy, you will also need to find a place to host your site (unless you want to maintain your own server). i dont know what the equivalent of geocities and tripod is nowadays, but theres a ton of webhosting companies out there now with a wide range of services offered. you should be able to find a good shared hosting plan for like 20 bucks a year to start off with.

Remember Fortunecity?


All you’re missing now is a website counter.

And the Hamster Dance.

timeline was great, especially since you didnt add the shittastic MK series.

Boy, I remember so many that I can’t name them all…okay, maybe I can:


Umm…okay, maybe I can name them all. Most of the others I knew died out. Go figure but yeah, having your own hosted site with no ads is way better than some free site which is why switched back in 2001.

is angelfire still around?

i remember that shit in high school :rofl:

Fuck yeah, there is nothing my 56k modem can’t handle.

Fortune City was a joke.

This reminds me of that Strong Bad email asking if he had his own website… lol.

EDIT: This one:


Old skool webhosting…damn brings back memories. Frames,auto-loading midis, GIFs, oh the memories.

To be honest, I prefer the design and feel of a lot of old school sites to the blog type designs we see today. Good articles done on blog sites tend to get buried whereas on a website like HG101, everything is organized and easy to find.

Looks like someone got a pop-up ad on my site. I didn’t know about this dude. Whoever it was that got the ad, sorry dude. Is Tripod known for this, many ads?

Until I switch to something like godaddy (checking into this), I have ftmp finished adding all the arcade fighting games in the timeline. When I do switch I’ll be uploading my first article, the Street Fighter. I was like, “Hey, what better way to begin than to discuss Street Fighter?” Actually, I’m not sure if I would call it an article. I do know that I’ll be talking about the following (for each game): Year it came out, Gameplay discuss (discussion on the games system etc, possibly character specific stuff too), other little tidbits of info, etc.

I’m kinda a little ahead of myself, but that is the general idea of what is going to be on there. Until then, I’m sorry again for anybody that got any ad from my site.

should have used lycos or metacrawler.


I must ask, what would either of those do for me? Those are just search engines, no?

Lol, I used to use Maxpages.

Is Maxpages a good place to use for a good wensite? Or is it like Tripod (with those terrible ads and all)?

Whoo I just got a seizure from that BG.

EDIT: Nice constructive criticism guys! :looney: