My site, Fighting Game Legacy, is born!

People are just messing around with you, the serious advice was to look into I don’t think a lot of people here are gonna give you helpful info, many just want to be the next funny guy.

Ah, the days of my youth. Like the scent of fresh lemons.

That was very helpful advise indeed. Now I’ll see if I can make the website with sometime this year. Might be tough though, since I’ll be my 4-year college soon at the end of August. However, I might be able to make it before then. We’ll just have to see…

nice name

nice site

The one site dedicated to any and all fighting games.

Geocities offers paid hosting now. It’s not bad.

Wait a minute, I thought they where discontinuing Geocities as of October or so. If they are still around, I might use them again (since I did made a site w/ them before).

Where do i sign your guestbook?

Seriously (and I mean serious, serious), look into Wordpress or Blogger. Both are free, and you’re pretty much allowed to do as you please (well, save for porn, but you’re not running a porn site anyway).

Personally, I would say go with Wordpress. The insane amount of plugins would help you setup your site better than you might do (no offense meant, but if you’re looking into Geocities or Tripod, it means you’re still in the dark), and you’re setting up your site on a modern platform as well.

Yo thanks dude. I’ll be checking into this and making the site on tomorrow. I glanced at it for a while last night and seems promising to me. The fact that it is open source like linux (even though I’m as good in linux) is a great sign indeed.

Ok guys, I finally did it (hopefully). I signed on and made my site. There is not much to it now, but what I already did so far is there now. Check it out:

I’ll begin doing the first article for my site. What better way to start than with Street Fighter? If you guys have anything you want me to talk about in the article, post some ideas here or on the main page of the site.

lol :rofl:

let me know when its completed. Ill check it out! :slight_smile:

Will do man. When most of the stuff I want displayed on the main site is there, I’ll let ya know.